Monday 3 November 2014

Be kind to yourself

Do you ever need a bit of a boost? Some added pep to your day? A little extra energy to help you get through?

Me too.

When I was pregnant with Ethan, I quickly realised that I needed to change my habits and my routine so that I ate little and often and that I always had good, energy boosting foods to hand. My energy levels would go up and down like crazy and I had a handy snack pack in my car at all times to help me avoid any funny turns.

The same went for those early days after Ethan was born. It was hard though, to make sure I was eating well and looking after myself whilst learning how to be a mum and dealing with the effects of sleep deprivation. It's a tough time and for me it was also a slippery slope, as those good habits I picked up during pregnancy soon fizzled out as I became more frazzled out adjusting to my new role.

18 months on and I'm still not being quite as good as I should be and I do need a boost now and again. Any parent and any working parent will understand that for sure.

So, what am I doing to change my ways?

Well, I'm trying to drink more water and I'm trying to make sure I have healthy snacks in the fridge or in my desk at work. It really isn't easy and my eating habits are sporadic at best, particularly at weekends, but I am trying to make some changes.

One new thing that I've added to my routine with ease is Mum Kind.

Developed for expecting mothers but also great for new and busy mums alike, Mum Kind is a range of natural based products that aim to help mums with their energy levels and well-being throughout the day.

I was kindly sent their Water Our Way mixed berry water enchancer, which is packed with B12 to help reduce tiredness and B6 to help regulate hormone levels - I could definitely do with both!

They come in a small bottle that's easy to pop in your handbag, ready to be added to your drinks throughout the day. It's a subtle flavour but I've found it's easy to use and add to water throughout the day and I enjoy the taste. Drinking more water is bound to help with your alertness any way but using this has helped me to keep my energy levels up.

The second Mum Kind product I have been using is the Ginger Me Baby soothing ginger and chamomile lozenges and my, do I love these! I like the taste of ginger and I love chamomile tea so I knew I was already onto a winner with these but they really are such a different treat to enjoy. They're meant to help you feel calm and relaxed and I do feel they have this effect.

They're unlike anything I've tried before and although there's quite a few in a tub, they didn't last very long around me. I'm keen to buy some more and have a tub in my car, on my desk and in my handbag and I've also been giving them to friends to try as they're really different and everyone seems to enjoy the taste and soothing effect.

These products are really quite special in my opinion and can be found in Sainsbury's and on Amazon (product dependent). They'd make for a nice gift for an expectant mum, perhaps in a bundle of treats along with the Bump to Baby Enhanced Bars and Night Night Baby Bedtime Drink, or as a treat for yourself. We could all do with a little more kindness if you ask me.

* Thank you to pregnancy and nutrition experts Mum Kind for sending me the Ginger Me Baby lozenges (RRP: £3.49) and Water Our Way (RRP: £2.99) products for the purposes of the review. I enjoyed them a great deal and think I may even have a slight addicting to the lozenges in particular!


  1. What other products are in the range? Do they only do a Mum's range or are there any for expectant mothers too?

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. There's also energy type bars and a drink for bedtimes. They're developed for expectant mums as well as new mums in particular it I think they're great for any busy mum really. Love the lozenges!


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