Tuesday 2 December 2014

And so it begins...

It's December. We've decked the halls. We've opened the first drawer on our home-made advent calendar. And we've already celebrated Christmas.

Albeit 'Mock Christmas'.

The reason for my lack of posts and social (over)sharing these past few days is because I have been in the depths of the North Yorkshire Moors in a lovely barn with some lovely people.

Every year, we get together with our besties and we celebrate Mock Christmas. It's just like real Christmas, in that we have a tree, we don our festive PJ's, we give each other presents and we stuff ourselves silly on Christmas dinner followed by chocolates and port and cheese in the evening. Oh, and there's plenty of wine and Baileys hot chocolates flowing too. The only thing is, it happens a few weeks before the 25th, before family commitments take us all in different directions.

It's pretty much perfect and that's mainly because we're all together, under one roof.

It's a tradition our group of friends has held since we finished university in 2005 and over the past couple of years, each Mock Christmas has welcomed a new member. In 2012, it was my friend's other half who joined the crew all new and I also had bump back then too, then last year it was Ethan. This year, it was Watson our dog.

We booked a barn / cottage for the weekend to house our growing group and it was the perfect place to spend a long weekend with some fantastic people.

So here are a few snaps from the Mock Christmas 2014 album. It really feels like Christmas now.


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  1. I love Ethan's blue jumper = and that tree is amazing.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog


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