Thursday 4 December 2014

Fruit on the go

I have never watched what I eat as much as I did when I was expecting Ethan. Suddenly, the knowledge that I was growing little bean in my belly made me consider every little thing I ate and I would spend hours reading up on what to eat to ensure I was getting as many good things into my system.

Now Ethan's here, whilst my diet has lapsed and needs a big ol' kick start again as I'm just not eating regularly or healthily enough, I'm all about making sure he's getting everything he needs. From his first days weaning to today, I'm really conscious of everything Ethan eats and I do try my best to make sure he's getting a balanced diet and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Some days, it's easier than others. Not because Ethan is particularly fussy, but more because of us being busy and having to pick something up when out and about. It can be hard to keep things healthy on the go - and without getting a squished banana at the bottom of my bag!

That's why I like anything which combines convenience with all the good stuff Ethan needs. 

Being a Heinz Baby Blogger Ambassador, I've had the chance to try a few things with Ethan and the fruit pouches we were recently sent are a particular favourite (see my previous post here). They pack in two of his five a day into a handy pouch that you can take with you and serve direct onto the spoon when you stop to feed your little one and they're just a great option up until 36 months.

It can be tricky to cram in five portions of fruit and veg a day, whether that's for yourself or your children, unless you employ a few clever tactics and turn meals such as spag bowl into something like my super mince recipe, and even harder when you're pressed for time or out for the day.

The Heinz fruit pouches come in a seven different flavour combinations - including Peach, Mango and Banana, Apple and Strawberry and Apple, Pear and Banana - and are priced around 89p each and are currently on offer at 8 for £5 in Asda at the moment. 

All the flavours we've tried received Ethan's seal of approval and they've proved incredibly convenient, particularly when we went to Manchester for the day on the train yesterday (post coming soon). 

It was just good to know we had good food to hand so that Ethan would be well fed, regardless of where we went or how long we were out for.

There's some savoury options also available in the range and whilst Ethan's at an age where he can and will eat most meals whether we're at a coffee shop or going out for dinner somewhere, I can really see the benefit of these and think there's a good range of dishes to choose from.

I'll certainly be popping these pouches in my bag whenever we're going out and will have a stock at home so it doesn't matter quite so much if I've yet to do the 'big shop' and pick up some fresh alternatives instead.

* Thank you to Heinz for our latest mini hamper of baby food products, which we received for the purposes of this review but Ethan and I both genuinely like.

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