Wednesday 10 December 2014

Wrapped up with

I love photos and finding new ways to bring them to life. From creating photo stories with the Memory Box app to making scrapbooks or taking fun snaps of my son's toy figure going on an adventure around the house to turn into a personalised storybook just for him, I love being surrounded by happy memories and smiling faces, stuck in time.

Coupled with my love for anything stationery related and you can understand my excitement at discovering

It's a really easy to use website where you can create your own wrapping paper, from your own photos.

Your own photos!

Amazing, no? In the word of themselves, 'choosing the perfect gift is just the start'. I do like to spend time making my presents look extra special. I know that it only gets torn to pieces but the way you present a present can make a real difference and it's lovely to have lovely wrapped items underneath the tree. I do like to go along with a theme for my wrapping (yes, I'm sad like that, and it's generally brown paper with twine or ribbon in red and white for Christmas, if you're interested) but the idea of turning photos into unique wrapping paper is simple but brilliant.

Last year, we had some professional photos taken of Ethan and included a series of snaps of him dressed as Santa's little helper. The end result was too cute for words so this year, we wanted to put them to good use.

So here's our very own elf starring on his very own wrapping paper design.

To create your own, you just upload up to 30 photos then choose if you want a border before picking your sheet size. A sheet of 65cm x 46cm costs £4.99, a small roll of 50cm x 2.2m costs £9.99 and a large roll of 50cm x 3.6m costs £14.99. It's obviously a more premium option than just brown paper or your usually 3 for 2 rolls on the high street but it is a unique design that's made just for you, just how you want it. I doubt very much that it'll be thrown away once the present has been unwrapped.

For a special gift, I think it adds a really lovely extra special touch that will definitely bring a smile to the face of your loved one, either at Christmas, on their birthday or when you're celebrating an anniversary.

And that's what it's all about, isn't it?

* Thank you to for sending me two sheets of my elf photos as my own unique wrapping paper - I know that my family will be thrilled when they see this under their tree on Christmas Day!


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