Monday 12 January 2015

A chocolate treat that's good for your hair

Being a bit of a beauty addict, I love finding new things to try . There's always a buzz of excitement when you find something new on the shelf that catches your eye, be it a new product or a new brand you haven't heard of before.

I like discovering new beauty things from blogs or personal recommendations and that's how I came across Faith in Nature. It's an award-winning natural beauty collection which uses natural ingredients to give you great results whilst also being kind on the environment. Their products are vegan friendly and guaranteed cruelty free. They're also free from artificial colours, fragrances, parabens and SLES plus many have certified organic ingredients.

Sounds great, right? Particularly if you're conscious of what you're putting on your skin or the impact of what you use may have on the environment.

The thing which had me sold though was the rave reviews their range of shampoos and conditioners have received. As you may know, I struggle with psoriasis and have had scalp psoriasis for almost four years now. I've looked into lots of different solutions and theories behind treating this and there seems to be a very good case for using products with less chemicals and more natural cleansers and moisturisers, so when I saw that several of the Faith in Nature products had received great feedback from people who either have the same complaint as me or who just want healthy, happy hair, I was eager to jump in the shower and try these for myself.

I was even more eager when I came across the chocolate shampoo and conditioner. Now, it's January and many of us are trying to be good so the idea of still having chocolate every other day, albeit in a shower treat, is certainly tempting. And trust me, these products smell like the real thing.

The novelty of the chocolate shampoo aside, I've really enjoyed using these products as they seem to help soothe my scalp and remove any nasty scale bits from my hair and they seem to be really gentle too. My hair is fine and dry and my new cherry red shade seems to be sticking around longer than it has in the past, so I'm really pleased with my new Faith in Nature haircare routine.

There's lots of good reasons to check these beauties out and there's a scent, or solution, for every hair type. The chocolate products are different and enjoyable and for this itchy headed beauty addict, they've been a particularly nice treat at a good price (£5.50 for 400ml).

* Thank you to Faith in Nature for the opportunity to give their products a whirl.


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