Wednesday 14 January 2015

Breakfast to go - for my little guy

Yesterday, I wrote about how I have struggled to be enthusiastic when it comes to breakfast but also how I want this to change and I'm pleased to say that Ethan is quite the opposite and really enjoys his food, first thing in the morning or during the rest of the day.

He really isn't that fussy at all (just sometimes something may be a little lumpy or too chewy for his liking) and we never have any trouble feeding him first thing.

Anything goes and we've found that variety is key.

If we are at home, we will make some porridge or serve up some cereal. If we are out and about, we will grab some toast on the go or we will take one of the new Heinz baby breakfast pots (Ethan's favourite is banana and apple muesli).

And we will always follow up mid-morning with a sliced banana or some Marmite soldiers.

It's great to see that there's lots of choice out there too to help mums keep the first meal of the day interesting and to make sure there's convenient options too.

Heinz Baby has a great selection if you ask me - I didn't quite realise how good or extensive until they kindly sent me several products from across their breakfast range to try, as I was part of their baby ambassador scheme last year.

In the range is some creamy porridge (suitable from four months) which we used in the early days of weaning Ethan and will now use as a simple base for when Ethan may be teething or with some banana to make more of the meal, plus a few fruity variants.

There's also a couple of muesli flavours to try, with some soft oats and grains and pieces of fruit which are good for when you're trying to introduce more lumps to your little one's food. Ethan wasn't sure at first bit now he has got used to the texture, he really enjoys these.

As I mentioned, there's also porridge and muesli pots so you can take them away with you and they've also introduced a cereal biscuit that's good for breakfast. Now, Ethan has long been a fan of the Heinz biscotti so these have also gone down very well indeed!

I'd love to have shared more photos showing my little man enjoying his breakfast but he just doesn't like having his photo taken, particularly first thing (who does?!) and all my photos at the moment are blurred or of the back of his head.

It's great to know there's lots of options for him to keep breakfast healthy, varied and interesting and I think that's really the key to establishing good habits for the future.

* Thank you to Heinz for sending us our breakfast bundle - it's kept us going forever and Ethan loves it all.

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