Monday 5 January 2015

Me and you, then and now

11 years is a long time. A lot can happen, a lot can change but some things stay the same. Like us.

Hubs and I have been together for 11 years today. We met when we were both students and we started working at Blockbuster around the same time. He was on the tills, I was an 'active seller' (basically, I came up to you on the shop floor and asked if you needed any help choosing a film).

It took us a couple of weeks before our shifts crossed over and we went on a staff training day together to learn the ropes. I remember watching Indiana Jones during this training (not sure why) and laughing. A lot. Because I had met someone who was really funny and easy to talk to.

And talk we did. It was the cliché of the Christmas party that really first brought us together and I realised that I really liked this tall, movie geek guy and in the New Year, we realised we both felt the same.

Fast forward 11 years, through me starting and developing my career, him having a few changes of job direction, renting a flat, buying a house, getting a cat then getting a dog and another cat, going to Tunisia, Egypt, Lanzerote twice, Disneyland Paris twice, New York, Center Parcs four times, saying 'I do', deciding to start a family, watching Ethan turn from 'bean' to baby to the beautiful toddler he is today, going through highs and lows... but through all of it, we have been together.

He still makes me laugh. He's my best friend and the person I love to be around the most. He's given me many happy memories, many comforting words and the most wonderful thing of all - Ethan.

It won't be too long until we've been together longer than we've been apart. And today, I'm grateful for everything he has given me and all that we will share in the future.

I love you Stephen. Here's to the next 11!

dear beautiful


  1. Aww :') This is such a lovely post! Happy anniversary to you both! xx

    1. Thank you Alex! It's nice to remember your original anniversary, even though we have a wedding anniversary to properly celebrate now too :) x

  2. What great pictures - happy anniversary,

    Lizzie Dripping


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