Thursday 5 February 2015

My letter to Ethan - at 21 months

Hi Bubs

How are you doing handsome? You're 21 months old today and just a little bit closer to your second birthday. Wow.

You're now in Tweenies at nursery (which is the third group of six) and you're loving having more freedom and more time in the garden each day. What's really amazed me is how you have friends - well, of course you do, who wouldn't want to play with you? - but what I mean is you actually know the names of the other children you play with and recognise them, and they recognise you. It's so lovely to see you with other children and I still can't help myself from hovering at the door a little when I drop you off or when I come to pick you up so I can see you with your friends and get a glimpse of what you do on the days I'm not around.

You really are very happy at nursery and in the company of others and you don't mind being the centre of attention.

It's been a good start to 2015 and you've been able to spend lots of time with lots of people who think the world of you. You've visited Nanna and Gramps, you've seen Nanny and Grandad and you've also spent time with Ob and Ereen, otherwise known as Uncle Rob and Auntie Erin. Oh, and you've loved being able to play with Uncle Simon too.

It was Daddy's birthday last week and in a couple of weeks' time, we're going to stay with your Godparents - I bet they won't believe how much you have grown and developed since they saw you at the end of November.

At home, your best friends are Lamby and Roo and you also have a new friend, Baymax from the film Big Hero 6. They go with you everywhere and at nighttime, if you wake up, you check around your bed to make sure they're still close by.

You've also got another new obsession - Frozen! Or to be more specific, the reindeer, Sven, or Schen as you call him. We've long sung the Frozen songs to you at bedtime and you've had the cuddly Sven and Olaf toys for a while but it's the past couple of weeks you've really been interested in reading the book or watching the film again and again. You also say 'you-hoo' when you see the man from the forest shop in the film, which really makes us laugh.

As ever, you're talking and walking have both come on so much since I last wrote to you. You play a game with us now where we ask if you can say a word, you reply yes, then we say 'go on then' and you'll give it a go. We do this a lot every day and there's so many words you now know, plus you're learning about context and understanding opposites too, such as 'cold' when you get in the car in the morning or 'hot' when you see a radiator.

Most mealtimes at home, you go and sit yourself down at your table without having to be asked, ready to feed yourself. You love to draw and you still love your books too. 

You're still calling any cats you see Arty and apparently you talk about Arty and Eddie a lot at nursery too. And you give Watson (Awoof to you) lots of cuddles.

We've had lots of fun together this month and although I've been quite busy with work and distracted at times, I really do love our time together. 

You're such a cheeky, kind, funny little boy. Never change.

Love you bubs.

Mama xxx


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