Wednesday 18 February 2015

See the Benefit

Like many women, and most beauty addicts, I'm always on the look out for the ultimate mascara. With fair skin and almost non-existent eyelashes (and eyebrows), I need more than a little help and I don't believe that there's a woman who doesn't look or feel better without a few coats on their lashes.

Opening up the eyes, defining lashes and creating a bolder, sometime flirtatious look, mascara is a make-up must.

But finding the perfect mascara is hard and can take a long time.

Well, perhaps not any more...

Drum roll please, let me introduce you to Roller Lash from Benefit.

Benefit's They're Real mascara has long been a fan favourite but there's a new mascara in town and it's got something to really wow, whether you like just a quick coat or like to go for a bolder eye look.

Benefit in fact came to my town to tell beauty buffs like myself the latest buzz and I was really impressed, from the fun launch to the product itself.

We were treated to some sweet treats and pink champagne on board the 'Such a Pretty Curl' roadshow truck and were entertained by the Benefit Babes, dressed in their 50's finest.

You know, just your average Wednesday night out.

What was all the fuss about? Another new mascara? Hadn't Benefit already done a fab job with They're Real?

Well, yes, they had.

But there's always room for improvement and after four years of development and various brush designs, trials and tests later, Benefit came up with Roller Lash; so called as it puts an end to the need for eye lash curlers (which I never got on with personally) by setting a natural curl to your lashes, all with a flick of the wand.


You can't quite see it here but each bristle on the brush has a tiny hook shape at the base which is designed to catch your lashes and pull them upwards, opening up your eyes and giving you a nice curled finish.

Think of how you can use scissors to curl ribbon - it's like that, but much, much gentler!

The whole brush is also curved to help enhance the shape and I really like how dainty the brush head is too. At first, I didn't think it would be able to make such a difference being so small but actually, this helps you to reach all your lashes accurately, and without smudging, plus it makes defining your lower lashes a lot easier too.

I've been using this mascara every day for the past couple of weeks and I love how effective it is, the definition it gives my lashes and the staying power it has. It lasts all day and doesn't flake or smudge. And my lashes stay put too.

Take a look and see for yourself the difference it makes...

The Benefit Babes told me that it was a softer look than They're Real and that it would make my lashes look flirtatious - perfect for day time wear.

I wear mascara every day (if you look at the photo of me above, top right, you'll see why) and I completely agree that it's a feminine look perfect for day wear. You can layer up the colour if you like for a bolder look, or add a thicker mascara over the top such as They're Real should you wish, but the definition and shape that Roller Lash creates is the best I have seen from any mascara. Hands down.

Roller Lash from Benefit is a 'super-curling and lifting' mascara and it does exactly what it promises and is a dream to use. Well worth the money, at £19.50 - trust me, your lashes will love it.

It's made me feel pretty glam if I'm honest...

* Thank you to Benefit for inviting me to the Roller Lash launch - it was love at first try!


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