Monday 23 February 2015

The week that was #5

Half term is over so for those with school age children, it's back to work and for those with little ones like me, it means the roads are rather busy of a morning all over again. 

Last week has already started to fade as another busy week ahead looms. Lots of good things at work together with a friend coming to stay, a skin clinic appointment, a car that needs new tyres and brake pads (ouch) and some bathroom makeover plans that will have to wait a tad longer means that this week will probably flash by too.

As for what I've been doing, trying or loving... it's pretty similar to last week in that I love my new specs, I've been continuing with my Juice Plus trial (thanks to Francesca at Adding Up to Be Mum) and my Cath obsession continues.

USING This is my new changing bag / handbag combo. Is it pretty? It's CK's biker bag and it's got plenty of things for Ethan AND mummy, so it's really practical too. We just don't need everything that comes with his old changing bag so this is a great option now he's older and needs fewer things when we are out and about.

WEARING I've been wearing a lotta lippie recently and I feel a bit undone without it now. Anything bright and colourful is catching my eye.

TRYING I've always wanted to go to a Benefit Brow Bar and at the weekend, I had my chance. I had my brows mapped and was advised on a good colour match as now I have red hair, I need a bit of a darker colour than what I was already wearing. I bought the Browzings kit in medium and although it takes a little more time to apply, I'm loving the new look and the definition I can get with this handy kit. I haven't taken a close up photo yet of me rocking my new brows but you can just make them out in the top picture above. Trust me, it's made a difference!

BUYING I've been snapping up a few more bits and pieces for Ethan's next size up wardrobe and will be sharing some of my favourite picks with you later this week hopefully. Shall I do a video? It's been a while since I have!

DOING This past weekend was all about our favourite people. We went to Yorkshire, we shopped in Leeds and we ran our own poker night. 

We also had fun in the park. Importantly, we spent time together and Ethan was great entertainment for everyone.

He was so very happy here, running from slide to slide.

Playgrounds are for big kids too.

Proud mother moment.

Holding his auntie's hands.

My world.


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