Tuesday 3 March 2015

A, B, C's

It still amazes me how every day, Ethan is learning new words and understanding so much more about the world around him. Daily, he learns a couple of new words or can identify more things he sees and he's picking up on context and emotions much more too now.

It's fascinating and a real joy to watch.

The other day, he even started counting from one to five, then ten by missing out the numbers in between, unprompted and without any specific teaching by us. 

I'm sure it's something he's picked up at nursery but still, the way he just started counting so confidently just made is so proud and reminded us, yet again, that our little boy is growing up. Really fast.

I'm keen to do more to encourage his learning and his speech because I know that his nursery are really good at making sure all the children experience different things and I want to do all I can to help him continue to develop. Having conversations with Ethan is a lot of fun and I'm sure they will be even more so when they start to make a little more sense.

So, when the new Sooty A, B, C learning DVD arrived on our doormat ahead of its launch on Monday 2nd March, it couldn't have been better timing.

Ethan has never seen Sooty before but immediately took a liking to the DVD cover.

And watching it together, Ethan sat in my lap on the floor, I remembered how much I loved watching Sooty when I was young and how nice it was to be seeing the new Sooty Show with my son.

I loved getting reacquainted with Sooty, Sweep and Soo and they're three new friends for Ethan too as he really enjoyed the DVD, joining in on quite a few letters early on and correctly identifying the words, and requesting to watch 'teddy' again and again.

The main feature on the Sooty ABC Learn the Alphabet DVD teaches the A.B, C's by telling a story at a zoo and looking for word sthat begin with each letter along the way. It makes it fun to follow and easier to learn. 

What's particularly good is how the DVD comes with an A3 poster which features all the letters and the things featured in the show, to help the letters and words sink in even when the TV isn't on. We've pinned ours in the hall within sight and Ethan spots it every time we walk past.

There's also three episodes of the Sooty Show on the DVD plus some printable educational tools as an added bonus, so it really is a DVD that, priced at just £6.99, has a lot to offer and you can come back to. 

Sooty may be mute and Sweep may just squeak, but this Sooty DVD is a great way to introduce the A, B, C's and Ethan very much joined in with me.

* Thank you to Sooty and co. for the new DVD, Ethan loves it and I have to say, I do too!

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