Thursday 5 March 2015

Dear Ethan, at 22 months

You're 22 months old today. Gosh, that's old! Soon we won't even be counting in months anymore.

I've been writing these letters to you for a long time now and I hope that one day you will enjoy looking back and reading through them. It's such a mummy thing to do; write down all the little things you do or say, no matter how small. It's just I don't want to forget a thing and knowing I have this blog to keep my memories safe is such a blessing.

Time goes so fast and it's so easy to forget all the different things we have been through, and you can never rewind or do something again.

Such is growing up.

And growing up you are.

Daddy and I often step back and just watch you. You're quite fascinating to watch and very entertaining. You can play by yourself, lost in your own world, and it's at times like this we learn new things about you or what you know. 

For instance, the other day you just started counting to five by yourself. I'm sure it's something that nursery has been starting to teach you, but to hear you counting out of the blue for the first time was amazing and we were so proud. We want to help encourage you further so you have a new Sooty DVD (I think he's one of your new favourite friends) which is all about learning the alphabet and you seem to be taking to it already. Clever boy!

You still love Schen the reindeer from Frozen and at the weekend, you got to meet him! You really do love your animals and it's nice to see you get so excited.

We're already thinking of your second birthday and what we might do and what we might get you. As you can't read this just yet, I don't mind sharing our thoughts. You love the garden at nursery and soon you will get to go out into our garden, as Spring has almost sprung and we're clearing the patio for you to play on. We want to get you a playhouse for your second birthday and we're also thinking it won't be long until you need a big boy bed. We've found a Thomas the Tank Engine one we like but may go for something plain and then buy some fun bedding for you instead. What we do know is that on your actual birthday, we're taking you to Thomas Land and we're also thinking of having a tea party the weekend before as your Godparents are coming to visit us then too.

I've been trying to take more photos recently, of you and of you with your family, and although you don't pose quite as well as you did when you were a baby (I'm desperate to get a new profile pic of the two of us, the last decent one was from Summer!) you're still the most photogenic little boy. No, I'm not biased in the slightest.

You've been away to Yorkshire for the weekend and your aunties and uncles fussed over you whilst you demanded they watch Frozen at least four times over two days. 

You're still so happy and loving nursery and now know your friend's names, which I find absolutely adorable, and with Daddy starting his new job this week, we now have our Wednesday's back to just the two of us. I want to make the most of this time and I'm thinking of taking us swimming when the weather is a bit warmer and I'd like to try and do something different with you each week.

You love Mr Tumble still with a passion and you've learnt some of the signing words too, including 'please', which you say in a cute and 'I can't say no to you' kind of way, and 'friends' too.

I hope that we'll stay great friends buddy. You like to hold my hand and you give me cuddles which never fails to make me smile. 

I love you bubs.

Mama x

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  1. He's so cute - I love how you describe your relationship as friends too.

    Lizzie Dripping


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