Thursday 19 March 2015

The perfect lie-in

Ah, lie-ins. A long and distant memory, as I'm sure they are for many mums and dads.

Even though Ethan sleeps through most nights now without disturbance (touch wood), I still miss out on the chance to lie-in. Getting up at 6am every working day means I naturally wake up earlier when I don't have an office to go into and as soon as I wake up, my mind switches onto autopilot and I start running through all the things I need to remember, arrange, do...

But bed is still one of my favourite places to be and if I can keep myself nice and snug in bed, without work or household chores calling me up and out, then I will.

Just bring me a mug of tea.

And some toast. Soft and fluffy bread. Lots of butter and a smidge of Marmite. Perfect,

I'd prop myself up on some pillows, turn on my iPad and catch up with what's going on over on Facebook and Instagram, catch up on some of my favourite blogs and just generally ease into my day.


It could only be made better by the addition of these two.

Hubs on his handheld games console thing (don't ask me what it's called, he has so many of them) and Ethan taking over my iPad to watch Pumble (Mr Tumble) or Choo Choo (Thomas the Tank Engine).

This is my idea of the perfect lie in and Roberts Bakery has shared their ideas for treating yourself or someone special to breakfast in bed (along with a rather tasty loaf of their Soft & Fluffy bread, which lasted about two minutes in our house).

Why wait for a special occassion or Mother's Day to come around again before enjoying a bit longer in the morning in bed?

You know, the washing up can wait...

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