Monday 16 March 2015

The week that was #8

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. We had a busy one to round off a busy work week, celebrating my Dad's birthday on Saturday and, of course, Mother's Day on Sunday - my second!

We were quite snap happy so I've decided to share our weekend in photos tomorrow whilst focusing on a few things from earlier on in the week in today's post.

DOING Ethan and I have been getting back into a routine of having Wednesday's together, just us two, and this week we had a busy day running here, there and everywhere.

The photo below was taken around 3.30pm and was the first time we had both sat down all day.

Here's the moment Ethan looked away from his homemade Shepherd's Pie... and someone else saw an opportunity to be had!

Cheeky kitty.

On Wednesday night, we invited my Mother-in-Law over for dinner. It's been a while since she had come over and we wanted to cook something nice as an early Mother's Day treat.

I had a go at making carbonara for the first time, following this recipe from Jamie loosely, and despite being nervous about scrambling the eggs, I managed to pull this off and wolfed mine down in a matter of minutes. What? I was hungry!

SNAPPING I love the fact that I managed to capture this moment between hubs and sleeping bubs. It's such a simple, sweet photo and I love the way Ste's arms are circling our sleeping little man.

The teddy's name is Tedmond, in case you were wondering.

SEEING This week, for the first time in a very long time, I've been pretty religious with my psoriasis skincare regime. Every night, I spent 20 minutes applying my steroid creams and believe it or not, the pic below shows a big improvement (I've kept it small as you really don't need to see this in full detail).

Trust me, it does look a lot better. It was all thick scaly skin before and now, I have managed to smooth the surface of my skin on all affected areas, just leaving pink or red 'staining'. I just have to keep on top of it so it doesn't start to get sore again.

WONDERING Some of the photos I've taken of this chap this week have had me wondering where time is going and when this toddler-almost-teenager arrived on the sofa.

DRESSING For Comic Relief on Friday, Ethan's nursery had a fancy dress day so it gave us a chance to put him in his spacesuit, all the way from Nasa thanks to his Nanny and Grandad. He kept it on all day and had many an adventure from the sounds of it.

INTRODUCING We have a new member of our family - Sven, the two metre tall cardboard reindeer, a gift from Ethan's Uncle. He doesn't say much but Ethan adores him.

ENJOYING As mentioned, this weekend was about spending time with my family, who I don't really get to see enough. We played, we went to the pub, we feasted on fresh chocolate eclairs as a birthday treat for my Dad and we enjoyed some nibbles whilst watching The Voice.

Ethan loved seeing his Gramps and Nanna and they both marvelled at how much more he has changed in the past few weeks.

On Sunday, Ethan spoiled me with a beautiful card and a Pandora ring featuring his birthstone, and we took my Mum for a meal at Ask. I got dressed up for the occasion, wearing my new Lindy Bop dress and curling my hair with my Babyliss Curl Secret styler for the first time (it took a while to work it out) and Ethan also put on his finest clothes for me.

I think he stole the show, don't you?

It was a lovely visit that went by too fast as always but we enjoyed each other's company and we captured quite a few memories - more photos to come in tomorrow's post.

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