Friday 10 April 2015

Our mini bedroom makeover

We've lived in our house for nine years this September and slowly but surely, as you do, we've changed each room in turn to our liking. Be it new furniture or a bold feature wall of colour, every room besides our bathroom has been made over at one time or another.

In the case of our bedroom, it's actually been redecorated a number of times but it's never been quite right. It was blue when we moved in and a few years later we went for an apple green. That didn't work out for us so we went for white walls, black curtains and a monochrome theme throughout. It looked much like we were going for a 'look', but I still didn't feel all that happy with it.

I wanted the room to feel 'together'. Cosy. Inviting.

So, armed with a roll of brick effect wallpaper, new bedding and a few nic naks, we gave our bedroom a makeover on Easter Monday afternoon.

Hubs and I had looked in every home department and I had flicked through every interiors magazine and browsed many a Pinterest board before we both agreed on a warm, country, check kinda look. I'm calling it modern rustic, for the want of a better name to describe it!

It all started with this wallpaper...

Finding the right kind of brick effect wallpaper wasn't easy, but a trip into Asda a couple of weeks ago found us stumble across the last roll of this print and it was just what we were looking for.

I'd also seen this plaque, pictured above, in Next and just loved the sentiment and thought it would be a great feature, probably above our bed.

However, we decided to turn our bed around (the headboard originally rested against the wall with the brick wallpaper on) to make the space feel different and give us both space for bedside tables, but we decided to put the plaque up in the same place regardless.

We had two dark brown leather effect three drawer units that I'd bought in Matalan a couple of years ago that were looking for a new home, so one of these is now my bedside table. It adds a bit of interest to this corner and another texture to the room, which is what we wanted to do.

All these cushions we already had, but we used them in different areas. The colours are perfect for picking out the red tones of this Kelso double-sided duvet set we picked up here. It was hard to find the right duvet at this time of year for the look we wanted, but we got what we wanted in the end.

I absolutely love this lamp. The lamp hubs has on his bedside table used to be in our lounge and was from Next. It has a lovely texture to it but we couldn't find it again and, being someone who quite likes an eclectic look rather than worrying about being matchy-matchy, I started hunting for a different lamp for my side.

I went to Dunelm Mill - one of my favourite go-to places when I'm looking for anything for the home, I never go in there and come out empty handed - and found this beauty of a lamp for a very reasonable £19.99. It's a glass jar style and again, the metal finish and cut glass design adds more texture and interest to our room.

Whilst there, I also picked up a new lampshade for our ceiling light - for £6.99, this does the trick perfectly.

I moved a few other bits and other pieces from other rooms to fill a few spaces, including this sign below bought in Next a while ago. Anyone spot the error?...

The 'love' wooden blocks below were another Dunelm steal from some time ago. I like to collect things, what can I say?

New fairylights, because I'm obsessed with them - again, from Dunelm for just £4.99.

This is the other view of our bedroom - you can see me sitting on the bed, reflected in the mirror.

It shows our bedroom's first colour and also the result if you don't paint behind your furniture... then come to move your wardrobe a while later, only to reveal the changing shades of paint.

I added the wicker baskets to my dressing table and the two picture frames too. The wall sticker decal was something we did a couple of years ago (bought from Ikea and still available I believe) and we were going to remove it, but we quite like how it fits around the dressing table (which was added later).

I love the peg frame, from Asda (I think it was £7). The other picture frame, Home Sweet Home, is also from Asda and was given to us as a gift.

Must paint the rest of the wall white soon.

Someone made themselves right at home pretty quickly in our new bedroom.

I'm really pleased with our new look bedroom. It feels much warmer, I absolutely love the effect of the wallpaper and the different accessories bring it all together plus it only took a couple of hours to do.

So, what do you think?

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