Monday 20 April 2015

The week that was #13

Let's take a look at the past week in my corner of the world...

DOING The week started with a rare child-free day. I was due to have a day off, carried over from the week before, and Ethan went to nursery as normal so I had some time on my hands to do, well, whatever I wanted.

Hmm. What first?

My plan was to do a spot of blogging and then catch up on my family scrapbook as it's been a while since I had time to do something creative. But, when I set foot through the door, the nursery called to say little man hadn't been himself and he had a temperature. I'd felt guilty about taking the day for myself and even more so after getting this call. I picked him up and after a sandwich on the sofa, Ethan and I had a really nice day together.

He was a little out of sorts, but Calpol and a dab of Bongela seemed to make a difference, as did several naps and dozens of cuddles, all upon his request. Maybe he just needed a Mummy day? Whatever was the case, it was actually a really lovely day and he was right as rain by bedtime.

Ethan's also been into bedtime this week. He's never been too bad, but he does go to bed later than he 'should' and has never really specifically asked to go to bed. Until this week. Every night, around 7.30pm, he's come to me (unheard of), held his arms out and said 'Mummy? Bed. Bhoot!' meaning he wants to go to bed and listen to me read him stories. Which I have done, almost every night this past week.

And it's been a real highlight. I never really do much in the evenings once he's gone to bed (most motivate myself to do more) and it's just so wonderful to see him so keen to read books and have some quiet time with me - you can read about our current favourite reads here.

On Wednesday, it was my usual non-working day and we headed to town to share a muffin in Starbucks and for a stroll around the shops, picking up a few new books and other bits and bobs as we went.

SMELLING Autumn and winter is all about scented candles and spring summer means reed diffusers. After trying a few, Next's diffusers are hands down the best and after sniffing all the scents, I chose the following to dot around the house. Within a couple of hours, they'd already made a big difference.

I also bought a new perfume... to find out which one, stay tuned for my beauty post tomorrow.

ENJOYING Ethan enjoyed a trip out with Nanny and Grandad on Saturday so hubs made the most of our free time by tackling the front garden whilst I went to Asda, made a cuppa, listened to Spotify and caught up with a few things on here. We even had time to fit in the last Hobbit film!

WEARING I'm still wearing my oh-so-fashionable shoe boot as my big toe heals (another two weeks to go) and I've decided there's no way at all to style it so I've just decided to ignore it and wear whatever.

DRIVING I've got some new wheels - no, not my new Renault Captur, still waiting for a pick up date, but this VW van. Yes, I've become a van driver, for a few days at least. As you read this, I am in Hastings running a work event and I needed this van to fit everything in. I was a little worried at first but soon got the hang of driving it.

This week is another busy one at work, I have a hospital appointment on Tuesday and then on Saturday I finally get my hair cut and coloured. You have no idea how much I need it...

So, here's to another week! Enjoy yours!

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  1. Bless him - I love the picture of you and him cuddling.

    Lizzie Dripping


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