Thursday 4 June 2015

Cool coffee, courtesy of Orla Kiely

I love a pretty pattern or motif so it's no wonder why I am an avid Cath Kidston fan and it'll come as no surprise either for you to learn the lengths I went to, to collect these three limited edition Orla Kiely designed Douwe Egberts coffee jars.

Along with a couple of friends, I have scoured high and low in the Birmingham area to get my hands on one of these - and once we had one, we just had to find the second and then when that was also ours, it seemed absolutely crucial to snag the final design to complete the trio.

Yep, we became slightly obsessed with these coffee jars but our passion for print and a limited edition challenge spurred us on.

And on Wednesday, we completed our trios. And picked up the new Orla Kiely Tesco shopping bag (£4.50) too - her best design yet, if you ask me.

So why all this carry on about coffee jars? I do like coffee, but it will take be quite some time to work my way through all three jars (but I won't mind, it's pretty nice stuff!).

But in this particular case, it was what was on the outside that counted. I love Orla Kiely's designs - retro in feel and with bold shapes and use of colour - and snapping up one of these lovely jars for £5 (where on offer) or £7.99 (in the case of The Co-op) was an opportunity not to be missed.

I toured all the supermarkets in the area and found the yellow design to be the most common, followed by the green and then the orange I uncovered in Sainsbury's to complete my collection.

You may be thinking, what am I going to do with the jars once all the coffee has gone?

I have a few ideas...

- Sweetie jar for the hall, as a welcome for guests

- Dog treat jar, to be kept on the Welsh dresser in the dining room

-  Container for Ethan's colouring pens (the yellow one would look fab in our lounge plus Ethan wouldn't be able to get the pens or crayons out without help from us first!)

- Cottonwool jar on my dressing table

- A vase for flowers in the hall, lounge or dining room

- Or perhaps, to be controversial, I could use them to store coffee, tea and sugar, displayed together in the kitchen

Have you seen these Orla Kiely Limited Edition Douwe Egberts coffee jars? Are you trying to collect them before they're all gone?

And which is your favourite design?

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