Monday 1 June 2015

The week that was #19

It's a new week and a new month and there's quite a few new things I have been trying, doing or enjoying this past week, so settle in with a cuppa and let me tell you more...

DOING I've made the trip to London twice this week for work and have well and truly pounded the pavement both times, hopping on and off the underground and visiting different places.

I do enjoy having the chance to travel and to get out and about to see people and it's one of the really rewarding parts of what I do, but it can take it's toll and the train journey home is always a long one.

DRINKING I'd been feeling a bit under the weather since Tuesday afternoon - sore throat mainly - so in the absence of being able to blitz one of my juices for myself due to an early train to London, I visited Joe and The Juice just off Carnaby Street for a Go Away Doc drink. Carrot, apple and ginger, plus spinach at my request. It tasted delicious and I really think it helped give me a boost and kick the lurgy into touch early on.

EATING My diet has been all over the place again recently, with me missing meals one moment then eating a naughty takeaway the next. With things so busy and demanding with work, meal planning hasn't been going to plan - mainly as I am just too plain tired by the time I get home to make anything special for dinner.

It's not all been bad and the new Starbucks menu comes highly recommended. The Mediterranean Flatbread above is absolutely scrummy and their picnic pots are a great idea too if you're on the run.

TRYING My face is showing the signs of stress, a bad diet and sheer exhaustion at the moment and I needed a new eye cream so picked up this little bargain whilst at Euston to give my eyes a treat.

READING I dusted off Harry Potter a couple of weeks ago, keen to start reading the books again from the beginning as I really do love them, but I still can't seem to find my reading mojo again. Before Ethan, I always had a book on the go and they never too me long to devour, but now, my attention span is just so short. I need something short and simple to entertain me - hence blogs and Netflix as my main choices of an evening!

However, Ethan is still very much the bookworm and will regularly take himself over to his book caddy to pick something to flick through or for us to read to him.

Being part of the Parragon Book Buddies scheme, he's lucky enough to receive a new book each month. The last two have been very tactile books and would be great for little ones just starting to get to grips with books and looking at them rather than just chewing on the edges.

The one pictured above is called Round Like A Ball and has raised shapes for little fingers to touch and feel, with lots of friendly animals to see. It's a lovely , good quality board book and a perfect gift for a little learner.

The book for May that Ethan has been enjoying is Peek-A-Boo Moon - a great choice for bedtimes! It has a handy cut-out handle and tells a short story of different animals in the forest going to sleep, with each page cut out so you can get a sneak peak of what's on the next page.

They're both just £4.99 and although perhaps a little young for Ethan now, he's been reading them nonetheless and are again great choices for little library's. Thanks Parragon!

TWEAKING I can never leave things alone for too long and made a few tweaks to my blog this week. Hopefully now it's a bit cleaner, clearer, engaging and mobile friendly too. Let me know what you think and if there's anything you've spotted or think I should add / change - would love to hear your thoughts!

ENJOYING Our weekend ended much as it always does. Ethan played with lots of toys in turn, including a Thomas the Tank Engine mini ride-on car which he had for his birthday. Oh, and our dog Watson. He decided that Woof might like some company in his bed (which we had just washed, just in case you were wondering if we let him sit in the dog bed normally!) and the two of them had a nice cuddle whilst we had Ratatouille.

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