Tuesday 25 August 2015

Our top summer moments with Roberts Bakery

How has your summer been so far? A little damper and less sunny than you had perhaps hoped for?

Same here.

My maxi dresses have never left my wardrobe. We haven't had a holiday. I haven't had one proper BBQ and I've not had nearly enough Pimms for my liking.

And let's not even talk about the weather.

Whilst there's lots of things I think make up the perfect summer, and some of these haven't yet been realised this year, there's plenty of other things I have enjoyed and will look back on with a smile.

As Roberts Bakery would call it, my 'Soft and Fluffy' moments.

This summer has been a quiet one but it's been filled with time together, as a family of three as well as with our nearest and dearest.

Ethan has continued to grow before our eyes, now talking in sentences, playing with my iPad with ease and knowing his ABCD's, his numbers up to 20 and his name when written down.

This summer has been about the big little moments; the simple things, the ones that mean the most.

I started collecting these memories in a jar, writing a note of a moment I wanted to remember or popping in a photo, to build up over the weeks. It's such a simple idea but something that's been really fun to do and something I think is a great idea to get children involved with. Just adding a note or a memento from days out like a postcard or leaflet, a leaf or feather from a picnic in the park or even a piece of home-made artwork created during the summer holidays.

Keeping it in a place where all the family can see it acts like a daily reminder to make the effort to get involved and before the holidays end, you can then open it together and reminisce about the highlights of the weeks gone by.

Our #softandfluffy moments this summer so far, captured in this jar, include:

* Visiting my Dad in Fleet, where Ethan has visited the baby ducks and where we went to Reading for a nice lunch and shopping trip out

* A day out at West Midlands Safari Park, spotting the rhinos, giraffes and lions as well as walking with the living dinosaurs

* Making new meals, baking cakes and shaking up summer mocktails with my little guy

* Playing in the paddling pool, and having to fill the kettle to warm the water up a touch

* All of us being involved in my Sis-in-Law's wedding, having the best time with all of my husband's extended family

* Ethan learning The Gruffalo from start to finish

* Updating our family scrapbook with all of our latest adventures

It may not have been a long hot summer but it has been a lovely one. Spending time together is all that really matters and there's always memories to be made, whether you make your own fun, visit friends or family or get to go to new and exciting places.

Making a note of these moments, however small, is something I feel is really important and I'm so glad that we have these captured in our family scrapbook to look back on again and again.

What have your #softandfluffy summer moments been? You can pop over to Roberts Bakery's Facebook page to share yours and you could win some prizes too for your efforts.

* Thank you to Roberts Bakery for sending us this fun idea - we will definitely continue to do this as Ethan gets older and can get involved himself.



  1. What a wonderful idea to capture the summer.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Just looking to see who did the #softandfluffy challenge, yours is lovely I love the photos and the simple summer fun.


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