Thursday 3 September 2015

I heart autumn

September has begun and I'm embracing autumn without hesitation. Summer didn't ever really get going, did it? My maxi dresses were never worn and my tan never had the chance to begin (not that I ever go an impressive shade, to be fair).

So, I'm saying so long to the end of summer and taking a big giant leap into autumn. My favourite time of year (in the lead up to Christmas).

Here's what I'm looking forward to:

* The changing colour of the leaves on the trees - the ones around the corner of our house always seem to change shade day by day, from bright green to fiery red

* Buying a new coat - because you just have to every year, don't you? This is the one I'm lusting over

* Big jumpers, chunky cardigans and layering up 

* Shade of mustard, burgundy and bottle green - my perfect autumn palette 

* Fingerless gloves and cosy snoods

* The arrival of the Starbucks red cups - hello Pumpkin Spice latte!

* Dressing Ethan up in warm clothes and a cute bobble hat

* Wearing a bobble hat myself -bad hair don't care!

* Looking forward to Halloween, although we probably won't actually do anything when it comes around

* Writing lists for the festive season - I start my research very early on and will begin hoarding magazines and pinning on Pinterest in just a few weeks, I'm sure

* Getting out and about, anywhere my knee high boots will take me

*...followed by sofa days snuggled under a blanket

* Dark nail polish and lips, a great autumn combo

Cosmo's '20 things that happen to every girl in the autumn' could have been written about me. True story.

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  1. Yes to all these things!! We've had great weather all summer but I've been far too hot. Much prefer snuggly cardis and boots!! x


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