Saturday 19 September 2015

Word of the Week #1 (#WOTW)

So, whilst I've been a regular reader of Jocelyn's blog, The Reading Residence, for a long time now, I've never taken part in one of her link ups but have always checked them out.

I'm trying to get involved in a few more linkys, as often I have something I want to share or chat about but don't know how it fits in or if I have too much or too little to say on the subject.

The 'word of the week' link up seems to be a great way to summarise things as concisely or as detailed as you want on a weekly basis, and here's my word of the week:

It's all been about organising in our house this week. Using our much needed time off work to get things back on track. It's been long overdue. I'm really affected my by environment and to be honest, I've spent a lot of this year feeling, well, in a bit of a muddle.

It took me a while to find the 'right' diary (I'm a bit of a stationery fiend and can be quite picky when finding the 'right' kind of diary or notebook for what I need - it's one of my quirks!) and I've put a lot of things off or taken a long time to get things going this year because I've felt all muddled up. I was convinced that I needed some time to focus on things so I could get my house, and my head, straight and this week, I really feel like I've made some real progress.

I can get a bit obsessive (ok, VERY obsessive) about things and I am learning to let things go more but at least the big sort out we've done this week has helped.

Our house was given a thorough clean with the help of a cleaner, and we're keeping on top of things now, and we've done a bit of an autumn clean (like a spring clean but, well, now rather than in the New Year).

It's all helped us to be and feel more organised and I'm gradually feeling less of a mess and more in control.

Phew, I needed this!

The Reading Residence



  1. Oh, I can relate! If my house is untidy or a bit cluttered, my mind is all of a muddle. I need clear surfaces and everything in it's place, and you know I need stationery to help me feel happy, too! So pleased you're feeling more on top of things and more comfortable now and I do like the sound of the right diary - you know it's #SundayStationery tomorrow, so share it, I want to see it! Thanks so much for joining in with #WotW, lovely to have you x

  2. Wow you have so many beautiful note books, but yes it feels so great to get organised xx


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