Friday 20 November 2015

Christmas Crafts - a homemade wreath

I'm excited that in just a week or so, it will be socially acceptable to hang my Christmas wreath on the door. 

Here's my easy guide to how you can make one yourself using items that you have in your home or garden to decorate it...

You will need:
Wreath - you could choose a fake green branch wreath or a wicker design if you prefer, Wilkinsons has a great range to choose from, as well as decorations for 50p or £1 plus florist wire, and I got mine from (you guessed it) Hobbycraft
Two oranges
Cinnamon sticks
Pine cones
Glitter glue
Length of beads
Florist/easy to bend wire


1. Fluff up the branches on your wreath so it's nice and thick and decide which part is the top and bottom.

2. To give your wreath a lovely seasonal scent, use fresh oranges that you can dry at home. With a sharp knife, slice the oranges and place on a baking tray lined with a sheet of baking paper and put into the oven on a very low heat for an hour or two. Set aside, perhaps in an airing cupboard, for a couple of days until they have dried fully, but still retain their smell.

3. Pick your pine cones, leave to dry out for a couple of days, then paint a little glitter glue on the edges to add a bit of sparkle.

4. Bundle your cinnamon sticks together and tie with string or ribbon to match your colour scheme.

5. Use your florist wire to group together your bells in clusters and push it through your orange slices, in a loop, back through the slice so that you can hold it in place.

6. Take your length of beads and wrap these around the edge of the wreath, fixing in place behind.

7. Arrange your decorative features around the edge of your wreath and once happy, twist the wire around the branches to hold each piece in place. Remember to leave a space at the bottom for your bow.

8. Take your ribbon and tie a big bow, as best you can. I found it easiest to tie this around one of the branches, which held it nicely in place where I wanted it.

9. Hang your wreath with pride - it's sure to make you smile every time you come in the door.

The great thing about this wreath is you can add anything you like - festive bows or small Christmas decorations would make a lovely addition. Just decide on the colours / theme you want for your wreath and have fun playing with the arrangement. The flexible florist wire means that you can add or change your design each year.

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