Wednesday 11 November 2015

Ethan's #LittleLoves - Sea Life Centre Birmingham

A couple of weeks ago, Ethan became an honoury Octonaut cadet when we visited the Sea Life Centre Birmingham. It's one of our favourite places to go - anywhere with real animals goes down well with my animal loving son - and the Octonauts have taken over again.

Sea Life Centre Birmingham - To Become Mum

When we went, there was a training academy theme running, encouraging little deep sea explorers to look out for certain things as they walk around, collecting stamps and winning a medal at the end for getting them all.

The older he gets, the more Ethan takes in and this time, he even sat through the 4D cinema film without getting scared. The penguins were still his favourite but I have to say, one of my favourite moments was when he saw the sharks and said 'hello shark, don't eat me!'.

He also really liked the starfish and there's lots of interactive elements to get involved with, like a starfish tunnel for little people to walk through, or domes you can pop your head into to see the starfish up close.

We all had to have a go!

Even though he was excited to see Peso, he then came over all scared so wouldn't have a photo with him unfortunately, but regardless, Ethan thoroughly enjoyed his visit and collected his medal with pride.

Just wait until we take him to Merry Fishmas next month...


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