Wednesday 18 November 2015

Letter to Ethan at 2.5

Hey buddy

You're more than two and a half now and whilst it's been two months since my last letter, that's not because nothing has happened or there's no memories to document.

Far from it.

I've said it before but I just love the age you're at. You're curious. Interested. Animated. You go through all the emotions, quickly, without warning and in full.

You understand so much, you sing to yourself, you role play and you like so many characters and animals and toys. The list of things you enjoy is so long and one new thing never replaces another; it just adds to everything you like to watch, see or do.

Here's a collection of memories, thoughts, events and sayings from the past couple of months that I want to write down to look back on when my mind has gone fuzzy and I wonder to myself what you were like when you were 2.5...

* This morning, I went to get you up and you said, with your eyes still closed, 'Not yet.'

* Daddy taught you to say 'Mummy Poo Pants' the other night, which you repeated over and over because it made him laugh so much.

You dressed as Spider-Man for Children In Need day at nursery. It was an early Christmas present and you loved it.

You like to help Mummy make you a 'milk and a tea' by getting the milk out the fridge.

Weetabix is your favourite breakfast right now. And Marmite on toast.

You're a fan of Kermit and particularly like the song 'I'm Number One' from the latest film, although to you, it's 'Monkey Dance'.

When going to bed or going off to nursery, you have to give us a kiss on the lips then a proper cuddle, with your arms wrapped around us, patting our backs. You also turn my face to kiss me on my cheek every now and then.

When I say 'I love you', you reply with 'Love you too!' and if I say 'I love you so much', you reply 'So MUCH!'

You've been to the Sea Life Centre and West Midlands Safari Park again recently, getting more excited with every visit. When you saw the sharks you said 'Hello sharks, don't eat me!'

Each day, you pick a different toy to take to nursery with you, although they stay in the car with Mummy.

The fireworks scared you a little after a while this year, although when they played music from Frozen and Lion King to set them off to, you were much happier.

You enjoy playing with Daddy's Disney Infinity figures, particularly the Avengers, saying that Mummy is Black Widow, Daddy is Iron Man and Ethan's Hulk. Hulk SMASH!

* I just heard you saying, whilst playing with the Happyland toy you call Grandad and a Tiger riding a car, 'Hello, are you busy? I'm busy today. It's hot and I got to go. I busy.'

Every day when we pick you up from nursery, you tell us to go see woof and hockhock. And you say 'no shops!' too!

You repeat a lot of phrases that you hear Mummy and Daddy say, like 'two minutes!', whilst gesturing with your finger.

You're very considerate. If you see Mummy lighting a candle or turning fairy lights on, you say 'Careful Mummy, fire hot, don't touch it!' and when there's steam coming off Daddy's dinner you go over and blow on it for him to cool it down.

You'll sing Twinkle Twinkle to yourself and ask for Donna Donna Sharm, which is Old MacDonald to the rest of us!

There's so many ways that you make us smile every day and we just want to remember every moment.

Love you buddy. SO MUCH!

Mummy xx

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