Wednesday 30 December 2015

Happy (New Year) Eating

I'm just going to come out and say the thing that you know half the people you know are going to say.

The half that will be all positive vibes on 1st January and who have the best of intentions. The opposite of the other half who laugh at the first half for their foolishness. And who vow to carry on as normal because why do you have to change something just because another number gets added onto the year?

Yes, my friends, I'm going to be eating better and moving more in 2016. You could say it's, ahem, a new years' resolution, if you can tolerate such a cliched label.

I'm starting now, a couple of days early, so I guess I can say it's not a resolution after all, it's just I've had enough of gorging and quite fancy some nice fresh veggies instead.


Simply put, I'm not doing anything drastic or that I haven't done before. I like eating well and know I can lose some weight when I put my mind to it. And people like the lovely Emma are a brilliant example of what a difference a bit of thought and a lot of perseverance can do when it comes to food.

I am happy in my own skin and don't feel like women should always feel the need to be on some diet or other. People who only think about every tiny thing they might put in their mouth often have no joy in what they're doing. To me, if you're counting calories all the time, where's the time to do anything else? Life is too short to not enjoy every moment and having a bit of chocolate if you want it isn't really going to do much harm. 

From experience, denying yourself altogether ends up making you far more unhappy than being a bit soft around the middle every has.

That said, I'm going to be a bridesmaid and a maid of honour at weddings within four days of each other in the summer and I don't want to have to breathe in the whole time to feel my best.

So, I'm looking at some of my past posts about eating clean (see my Tuna and cauliflower rice recipe or my pea guacamole idea to get your tastebuds going). I'm back to meal planning, back to juicing and smoothie making and, if another incentive were needed, in a bid to save some pennies, I'm sorting my breakfast and lunch act out by preparing things the night before to take in and enjoy.

Enter all new food storage tubs and wizardry (all Sistema products picked up in the Asda sale - go look, now!).

I picked up two of everything so hubs can join in too. There's a breakfast tub, with spoon, so you can keep your yogurt or cereal separate from fruit so it doesn't go soggy during your commute. There's also a lunch box cube with one big section, for salad or pasta or some sandwich thins, then two sections the other side for nibbles or sliced fruit.

I also picked up the salad on the go bowls, as these have two levels, to again keep things apart plus a knife, fork and a salad dressing pot. Very handy.

Finally, I also chose three sizes of the Sistema microwave steamer products as these look like a great way to eat more fresh food even when stretched for time during the week.

Who knew tupperware could be so fun?!

Well, I'm excited! It'll hopefully help me get things off to a good start, so I actually eat a proper breakfast, generally have healthier snacks (most the time!) and add a bit more variety to my daily food intake.

Are you going on a bit of a heathy eating kick? What are you doing to help you get into a good routine?


  1. They look so clean - are they stackable?

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Thank you for the mention Kelly, I whole heartedly agree, you need to enjoy life so whilst I'm mostly good I can enjoy a treat or two. Happy New Year xx


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