Sunday 31 January 2016

Me and Mine #1 - January

So, we were just sitting in the lounge, relaxing, and I was having a stroll across social media when I saw everyone posting their first Me and Mine posts of 2016.

And, yet again, I realised that we hadn't actually had a photo taken of the three of us all month long. We'd been out for hubs' birthday, which would have been the perfect chance. We went to the safari park, but Ethan didn't want to pose for a group selfie.

 Hubs said we should just take one there and then - me fresh faced, Ethan in his PJ's, poor lighting and the pooch - so that's what we did. Because really, this is what we have spent a lot of the month doing, enjoying time at home together.

 Again, they're far from perfect as photos go but it's nice to document anyway.


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