Tuesday 19 January 2016

Park fun with Muddy Puddles

So, winter has finally arrived, hasn't it? My Instagram feed was filled with snow day snaps and it was lovely to see so many people getting outdoors to build a snowman and take in the festive scenes.

I was in Yorkshire on Saturday night and saw a dusting of snow, but by the time I returned to by boys in Birmingham, the best of the snow had melted away. Still, I was keen to take Ethan outside, wrapped up warm, and felt that a trip to the park was in order. He gets to go outside a lot at nursery but having been away for a night, I wanted to do something with Ethan before the working week began.

It was certainly nippy, and I had forgotten Ethan's hat at nursery so had to improvise with one of my own, but outside we went.

Around this time last year, we bought him a nice raincoat from the high street - chosen more for looks than anything else - but growing as much as toddlers do (before your eyes, it seems), he's been in need of a new one.

Size 3-4 years, can you believe. He'll be three in May and we're already starting to buy the next size up, thinking ahead to what will last this season and next winter too.

As such, we were delighted to be introduced to Muddy Puddles - robust, well made and fun designed children's clothing for all weathers (you can read their Muddy Manifesto here - love it!).

Ethan has their Puddleflex Jacket (RRP £42 but currently £38 online - be quick!) and we couldn't wait to wrap him up and take it out for a test run.

First of all, it looks very smart indeed. We chose the Midnight Navy option, although the Fisherman Yellow is gorgeous (but Ethan's had a yellow coat before) and the Red is also a lovely, gender neutral choice. There's a smart, striped white and navy fleece hood, which adds a fun, bold touch to the jacket.

Secondly, it's weather, and toddler, proof. The jacket is waterproof on the outside (I'm told it used Puddle tec 3 technology to make it 10,000mm waterproof, but breathable - fancy!) whilst having a warm and cosy fleece lining.

It looks and feels high quality and I'd have had no issue with throwing a few snowballs with Ethan if it had still been snowing - I'm sure he would have been snug as a bug.

A useful tip, and one that Muddy Puddles recommends too, is to wrap your little ones in three layers to help protect them from the wind and rain.

As Ethan demonstrates, with his best catalogue model poses, the Puddleflex Jacket is a great combination of practicality and good looks. He was lovely and warm during our park play time and he could run around as much as he wanted, without being restricted.

There's lots of features, like the elasticated hood, tapped seams and concealed storm flap that make sure the cold air and rain keeps out, and it gives you peace of mind that everything is taken care of and you can just focus on having fun outdoors.

I think he looks rather handsome in his new winter coat.

And he can pull off my cream bobble hat too.

If you're looking for a new, all-weather coat for your son or daughter, definitely check out Muddy Puddles.

As for the Puddleflex Jacket, here's how Ethan and I would rate it:

* Fit: 4/5 - it looks great and Ethan will grow into it more soon, so he should still be wearing this next winter

* Quality: 5/5 - it looks and feels high quality, from the sleeves to the lining

* Durability: 5/5 - the fabric is really tough and looks like it's made to last

* Comfort: 4/5 - the lining is soft and Ethan's very comfortable in it

* Price: 4/5 - it's more than some high street shops but is a lot smarter and made for purpose

* Practicality: 5/5 - this jacket is super practical and gives enough freedom to play whilst staying wrapped up warm

I can be guilty of keeping us cosy indoors when the weather is a big gloomy, but I know Ethan loves going out and about so with his new warm winter coat, there's no reason to not go and splash in some puddles, Peppa Pig style.

* Thank you to Muddy Puddles - Ethan loves his new winter jacket and we're looking forward to having more adventures in it soon.

I've linked this post to the Tried & Tested linky from Family Fever and We're Going On An Adventure.


  1. I always think these look great - our children would be very at home in their stuff. Looks great quality too #triedtested

    1. It really easy and they have a great range of designs

  2. Looks great and love all the photos of your little man - he's super cute!

    1. Thank you so much - I happen to agree! :)

  3. We are huge fans of Muddy Puddles in our house. My girls need new dungarees actually.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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