Wednesday 17 February 2016

Here's my card

First impressions count, so the saying goes, and in my experience they really do.

That's probably why I put so much effort into my blog and how it looks. It's important that it feels just right and that it gets across something about me, my family and what I write about. 

In the online world, it literally takes just seconds for people to switch off and on blogging, you need to know you've come to the right place, you can see something you can relate to or you get a feel that you're going to like that person or what they write about in an instant.

And sometimes, making a first impression as a blogger requires actual real life contact...! 

I remember going to Brit Mums Live in 2014 and meeting the mums behind the blogs I had been reading for a long time. So many faces, so many blogs - and sometimes, only when the business cards were exchanged did the penny drop and I fully link up blog names with 'real' people. 

I still have all those cards, tucked away in my bureau. Sure, I follow people I know and I am a regular reader of across all the social platforms where you can also find me - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglivin... - but I just like having something I can hold in my hands and keep.

Just a small card, a few inches in size, filled with the personality of someone you've met.

My own blog cards haven't changed since then, although the mum and baby in the picture have both aged another couple of years and the blog they're for has changed quite a lot too.

Until now. I was running out of cards, having used them at various blogger meet ups and events, and wanted to get some new ones printed that would reflect my blog's look and tone now - and have a picture that at least looks a bit like I do at the moment.

And Aura Print stepped in to help. 

They offer a range of different designs as well as a design service so you can customise your card to your heart's content. That way, no too cards are ever the same.

I looked at the Impakt Colour Core Business Cards and the helpful Aura Print designer I liaised with came up with a concept for me (note: you can upload your own artwork - so you could use something like PicMonkey to put this together - or you can pay extra for the design service).

After a few tweaks, I was really pleased with the design.

I wanted the card to feel like an extension of my blog, but then realised that I do go through phases where I like to change the layout or colours, so as long as the general feel was right, then that would be good enough.

The main element of my blog look is my header, and this is featured on one side of my card whilst my details and a couple of photos are on the other.

It's best time include all the information you want someone else to know - who you are, where they can find you and your preferred contact details, plus a hint about what your blog is about.

What really stands out about these cards is the colour core. This means the edges of the card are coloured and it gives you a really cool way of making your card stand out from the pack (I opted for Intense Yellow).

I didn't realise until the cards arrived just how amazing the cards were. They are extra thick, which gives them a solid, premium feel that will surely make a good impression when you hand them over. And the colour core really adds an edge.

I'm super pleased with how these turned out and looking forward to sharing them. I have a fair few (250, priced from £35) so they're sure to last a while too, and they are certainly a quality option to go for if you want to make a great first impression. 

Now, who wants one of my cards...?!

As ever, all opinions are my own. Let me know what you think of my new cards below.



  1. James from Aura Print here! Glad you’re super happy with the cards! If anyone wants some of their own, feel free to get in touch – or call 01484 429300 to speak to our sales team. Have a great day!

  2. Those cards are great, I was thinking of getting some of my own but not sure because Im not a well known blog abd Ive not been to any meet up only thing I could use them for us in a thank you card to companys that have sent me something


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