Tuesday 2 February 2016

Valentine's cocktails

It's just two short weeks until the big V Day. Red roses, sweet cards and the chance to make an extra special effort for that special someone.

Whether you're still in the honeymoon phase or you've been together for longer than you care to admit and will probably wake up wearing a grubby old t-shirt stained with toddler food come the 14th February, it's as good an excuse as any to show you care.

We don't always go in for cards or fancy meals out, but it is nice to use the excuse of St Valentine to enjoy some time together, even if it is with a toddler in tow. Until bedtime, when we can grab some snacks and pour some fizz and watch something that isn't animated or that we haven't seen a thousand and one times before on TV.

Just having a break from the usual can make all the difference so when The Co-op asked me what special cocktails I could come up with for Valentine's Day, I couldn't wait to create something sweet and delicious.

It's hard to think of a cocktail that both guys and gals will like. So I have a couple of options, or variations, to suggest.

I'm calling this the Honey Bee...

* 1 measure Honey Jack Daniels
* 3 measures ginger ale
* 1 measure orange juice
* twist of orange
* a cherry

This is loosely based on an Old Fashioned. Honey Jack is much sweeter than the notmal Jack so makes it a bit more suited to those with softer palettes, but I think this drink would still work with standard JD if you prefer.

My second Valentine's cocktail idea is called the Fizzberry...

* chopped and mashed strawberries, in the bottom of your glass
* pink cava, half way 
* shot of gin
* splash of orange juice

Alternatively, through vigorous testing (hic!), this also works...

* chopped and mashed raspberries, in the bottom of your glass
* Prosecco, half way
* peach fizzy juice
* splash orange juice

If you have little ones around who refuse to go to bed, why not celebrate the day of love with them as well and make the above minus the alcohol - it'll make them feel grown up and be a change for them too.

For me, fizz makes anything special so why not pick up a bottle - our local Co-op has a great range at great prices too - and don't forget a card when you're at the checkout.

I couldn't resist this one, particularly as it comes with some love tokens. Totally cheesy, but really quite sweet (you could always make your own). It reminds me of Joey and his love tokens in Friends and if nothing else, it'll make your partner smile.

So cheers to you and your loved one this Valentine's Day - and check out the Central England Co-operative's Valentine's microsite for further romantic inspiration or follow on Twitter

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