Wednesday 30 March 2016

Life & Loves Lately #5 - Easter family fun and a trip to London

I haven't written a life and loves round up type post in a while, but there's lots to share and things to tell you about so sit back with a cup of tea and I'll fill you in on things from my little corner of the world...

Of course, it's just been Easter weekend and we had a lovely time - hope you did too! In fact, I'd go so far as to say it was the best Easter we've had. We don't usually do very much but I think as Ethan gets older, it's nice to get involved with special dates and occasions.

I made some Easter baskets up as gifts containing a Yankee candle and some assorted chocolate treats, and we had an egg hunt at home which Ethan really enjoyed. He also had an Easter basket which contained more than just chocolate - a Gruffalo card game, a t-shirt and a colour-in superhero cape, so plenty to keep him busy.

Ethan was also sent a lovely finger puppet book, Hippity Hoppity Little Bunny (£4.99), and some pages out of a fun sounding book called Make It By The Book (£7.99), both from Parragon Books. The first went down very well (he's always liked these finger puppet books) and the latter is such a great idea.

It's a craft book filled with 80 projects that you can trade or reproduce and is one that I will certainly be picking up, to help with rainy weekends. We didn't get chance to make the cardboard bunny this weekend as we were pretty busy and it was waiting for us when we came home from a few days away, but I'm sure we'll give it a go soon.

I've also found this great activity book for dads plus there's a few Disney craft books, including this Pixar one that Ethan would go potty for, so lots of creative projects to be enjoy.

On Good Friday, we headed to Frankie and Benny's for breakfast - we love it there and I can highly recommend the new Veggie Stacker, great if you love avocado as much as me and very filling - then we went to see Kung Fu Panda 3. It was only Ethan's second cinema trip but he loves Po and so thought the film was brilliant. Daddy did too!

On Saturday, we went on the train to London with my Mother-in-Law and despite a fair few tantrums, Ethan really did enjoy getting to go on the big train (he said it was Gordon we were travelling on, and waved at the driver, then when we got a black cab at Euston, he told us we were in Thomas the Taxi).

He really was getting in a grump - perhaps he was tired? - but perked up a lot when we went to a park just around the corner from our hotel.

He had a LOT of fun!

We then went out for a late lunch before a spot of shopping in Covent Garden. It's always been one of my favourite places to visit and even more so now there's a Kikki K shop there too...!

I couldn't resist buying a few bits and pieces, including their new paper lovers book, but that's all I'm going to tell you for now - I'll share a stationery haul with you soon, promise.

We spent the night at the hotel and it was nice to have a change of pace, and plenty of time together. We were staying at Holiday Inn Bloomsbury and I'd really recommend it to any family planning a stay in London. It was a minute walk from Russell Square Underground (on the Picadilly line, so well connected), the staff were very friendly and helpful, Ethan received a pirate pack of things to do and the rooms and facilities were nice. The beds were very comfy too, and our little guy really enjoyed the stay.

On Sunday, we braved the Underground (I love it but felt nervous with a toddler in tow!) and we hopped over to the Natural History Museum, being one of my favourite places in London. Ethan was suitably impressed by the dinosaurs and we timed everything right, to avoid the sudden heavy showers that hit.

It was a fun but tiring morning and being Easter Sunday, everything else was closed so we had a quick rest back at the hotel then met both my in-laws to go to Rules in Covent Garden for a lovely meal. Ethan was a star there, playing with the new Toy Story figures we picked up in the Disney Store, and my Mother-in-Law and I indulged in a cocktail or three - their 'Kate Middleton' being my favourite. Hic.

Easter Monday, we headed home and it was nice to get back to a tidy house and eager pets. We had a few hours just chilling out - I pottered about, unpacking this and putting away some new things we had brought back - before popping to the cinema again, this time to see Zootropolis. Ethan's Nanny had bought him the main character, Nick the fox, and he thoroughly enjoyed the film - and the popcorn!

It was such a lovely break and I am feeling so positive with the new season and new things to look forward to.

These are one of the things I've picked up for our home recently. They're just £10 in Asda at the moment for the set, the crate and the straws and they are just too cute to my mind.

I'm thinking that these will be great for serving guests drinks over the summer - fresh fruit juice for Ethan, something a bit bubbly for the adults.

In fact, I think the new Eisberg Alchohol Free Wine Sauvignon Blanc would go rather nicely with some crushed ice in one of these mini milk bottles.

I was sent this to try and try it I did, with some girlfriends the other weekend. We were trying on Bridesmaids dresses early the next morning so this was something nice for us to enjoy but didn't leave us with a fuzzy head the next day (not a good idea when changing in and out of dresses in a hot and stuffy changing room!).

It received a raised eyebrow or two, and three out of four of us enjoyed it as a relaxed drink. We agreed that it would be good as a spritzer in particular and I think they were surprised at how 'wine like' it actually tasted. Certainly worth a try if you're looking for an alternative, more grown-up tasting drink (plus it's only 28 cals per glass).

Cath Kidston high tops - To Become Mum

It wouldn't be a life and loves round up without a spot of Cath. You may have spotted these beauties in my recent new season Cath Kidston print round up, and now they are mine - just £28 too. Look like Converse, have a pretty print and are far more comfortable to walk around in all day (they passed the London test!).

Cath Kidston bags - To Become Mum

And, because Ethan and I are THAT COOL, we were wearing matching CK combos all weekend.

How flippin' cute (and grown up looking) is he?!

That's it for now, before I end up giving you a strain from all the scrolling. I hope you enjoyed my latest update and don't forget you can follow me on Instagram for more pics and posts about our day to day lives.

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  1. You have been so busy and there is so much I love about this post - London is always fantastic, and love your photo of the Natural History Museum. Love your Easter baskets too - and that bottle set from Asda is so cute! x

    1. Thanks Donna! It has been a busy time - going to be a bit lazier for the rest of the month :)


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