Monday 14 March 2016

Plan With Me Mondays #2 - stick it!

Last week, Emma and I started a new linky to share our love of planners, lists, organising, stationery... anything and everything that takes our fancy!

We had quite a few people join in straight away and it would be great to see plenty of people jumping on the planning bandwagon with us. Don't feel you have to write something new if you don't have time, you can share past posts that fit with the theme, videos too or even just pictures - we want to see it all!

This week, I wanted to show you two things - how I've started to plan my days a bit differently in my Kikki K planner, and how I like to make notes to myself about things to remember.

In last week's post, I briefly mentioned how I've switched to having a day to a page, rather than a week to two pages. This is much better, as I have a month to view things at a quick glance, so I know what work things and family activities to look forward to, whilst a full page diary gives me space to plan in more detail.

I've bought some additional dividers from Kikki K so that I can easily jump to a month later in the year. These taps are colourful and come with some study planning pages, stickers and tabs too, including blank ones so you can add what you need.

I'm still having a play with how I want to arrange my pages - a full page gives so many possibilities! - but can expect lots of sticky notes, washi tape and the like!

Speaking of washi tape, the lovely HelerinaBlogs sent me some Easter washi tape just because I'd seen and liked it and she wasn't going to use any more. It was such a nice thing to do and has me thinking that it might be something nice to start doing via this linky, once we have a bit of a group together - swapping stationery bits between ourselves.

Anyway, in terms of how make notes in my planner, I am a bit of a sticky note collector. Any shape, size or pattern, and I'm on it! The selection above includes notes from Hema, Paperchase, Happy Jackson and Cath Kidston. I've started using the stars for noting big events or days out and the yellow and blue bubbles to make reminders when I need to renew my road tax or send something off.

I've used my Kikki K Paper Lovers Book to make an envelope stuck inside my planner to keep a few of my favourite sticky notes in, as well as some paperclips, so they're ready to hand when I need them.

Can't resist a to do list note either!

I keep all my pens, letter stickers and post its in a pencilcase that has a few different slots. There's also room for a washi tape and my single hole punch so I have things to hand if I need to add something in.

I'm going to be joining in the fun of National Stationery Week (25th April - 1st May) so keep an eye out for more weekly ideas and planner love with #PlanWithMeMondays and some stationery haul updates too.


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  1. I love buying post-its but never seem to use them! It's a travesty really! I just never really have call to use them, I make notes in the notes section of my weekly pages or on the day I need to do something...really must find a use for all my sticky notes!

    1. Sticky notes are meant to be collected :) I've started using them to write dates or meetings on, just to make the page more interesting and make use of my collection.

  2. Love the envelope you made with your sticky notes and paperclips in, so cute!! xxx

    1. Thanks! I love all the projects in the Kikki K paper book, so might share a few templates soon (and can share with you for your shop...)

  3. Aw I love this. I am obsessed with my kikki k planner and I spend a little time each week making the week ahead look pretty, my husband thinks I am mad but I love it and it makes me feel more organised. x

  4. Love the envelope you made with your sticky notes and paperclips in, so cute!!


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