Monday 11 April 2016

Toddler-proofing my technology

Toddlers today are almost as tech-savvy as us, wouldn't you agree? I think the iPad is a saviour for many a parent, with its wealth of apps, endless photos, music, videos and TV streaming.

I certainly see it as an essential bit of toddler kit!

I first got my iPad mini when I was expecting Ethan. I thought it would be useful for late night feeds, for playing music to send baby off to sleep and for giving me something to do whilst hour after hour was spent in the dark while the rest of the world slept.

I used it, and still do, to keep my favourite photos in one place, to read emails, prepare blog posts and catch up on social media. It's my travel library, it's my entertainment system (as Ethan often has control of the TV) and it's also a tool for work.

As for Ethan, we've used it since he was born to play music, to use baby friendly apps that show shape and colour, and more recently, for things like Cbeebies, picture books and his favourite shows and films.

Of course, we're conscious about how much screen time Ethan has and he doesn't have free reign at all, but the iPad is really indispensable to us.

It's a travel companion, close to hand should we need a distraction when we are out and about (like when we went to London over Easter weekend) and it's also going to be well used I'm sure as Ethan continues to develop and we can add even more apps to help his learning.

It's always in use by someone, although I am conscious of Ethan's time with technology.

And I'm also really conscious of damage.

Because I'm clumsy, worse than a toddler at times, and have picked up a few scuffs and a couple of cracks to my dear iPad.

I've lost count of the amount of times I have dropped my iPad. Off the edge of the sofa. Knocked off the coffee table. Dropped from a great height onto the hard floor below.

It is pretty impressive that it's a) still in one piece and b) still works - not for lack of trying! - but now that Ethan gets his hands on it more often, and as we need it for more and more things, I want to make sure it doesn't get any more nasty knocks.

I'd be lost without it.

That's why I was keen to try the Logitech BLOK.

The BLOK Protective Shell is designed to withstand bumps and accidental drops without any damage to the edges of your iPad. In their own words, "the weakest part of your iPad is the strongest part of our case". Basically, when you drop it, the case 'flexes' to protect your pad and the square corners offer more impact absorption, apparently.

I have the mini version, and a full size option is available too - and opted for red, with bright blue and black also available.

It's easy to fit, feels really sturdy and it has a soft feel to it which is nice when you're using it.

Just look at those poor, thin cracks!

Ethan likes to have a play on the iPad by himself now, dipping in and out of his favourite apps (but not for very long or unsupervised - I know as he gets older it's going to get harder!). 

And it's good to know that I don't have to panic when he does get his hands on it.

The Logitech BLOK case retails for £29.99 (and comes with a handy screen protector too) and whilst I haven't tested dropping my iPad on purpose, just in case and not wanting to tempt fate or be proven wrong, it does feel secure and like my iPad is well protected.

Colour wise, other options would be nice, as the contrast colour is on the inside so not visible when it's on my iPad, and really I'd like an integrated stand, as I have the shell version of the Logitech BLOK. It's great if you mainly hold your iPad but when it comes to watching TV, an in-built stand function is a welcome addition - so I would recommend the case version, or even the keyboard if you regularly type on yours (only available for larger iPads, I believe).

Regardless of this, I really like our new cover and it's look and rigid design are perfect for toddler-proofing my technology.

* All thoughts are my own, as always.

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