Saturday 18 June 2016

Celebrating dads - with DisneyLife

Ahead of Father's Day tomorrow, I wanted to pop up a quick post as we're currently trying out the DisneyLife subscription (full post on this coming soon) and they've put together a really sweet video to celebrate dads for Father's Day.

We're all huge Disney fans in our house and it holds a special place in each of our hearts.

My husband has fond memories of watching the films growing up and got to go to Disneyworld several times when he was younger with his family. They're all buffs to this day and share a bond with the magical world that is Disney.

I had a couple of Disney films on VHS growing up that remain firm favourites with me today - Aladdin and The Lion King in particular - and having been to Disneyland a couple of times, I'm on the Disney bandwagon big time. My friends are too - so much so, we have assigned princess alter-egos to one another. No kidding - I'm Cinderella, although I asked to change to Rapunzel following the release of Tangled (and with my red hair, I could easily be Ariel too now...!).

Ethan therefore didn't have much choice, he was destined to be a Disney kid - but I'm sure he would have been even if it hadn't been for us. His early favourites being Toy Story and Monsters Inc, I don't think there's a Disney film or character he doesn't like and with DisneyLife, we've been able to explore classics as well as new shows such as Jake and the Neverland Pirates too.

Disney is special to us as a family and has been a real bonding moment for Ethan and Daddy. Which is why, when I saw this special video from Disney, featuring their top 10 fathers, I wanted to share it with you.

And for one chief lion (hubs) and his little lion cub (Ethan).

Who's your top Disney dad?


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