Wednesday 29 June 2016

A doodlers dream - Dreamday Pattern Journals review

One of the main things you need to know about me is I love stationery. I have a weird thing for planners, I get excited over washi tape and I am the queen of sticky notes.

I am also a hoarder of notebooks.

I've always found joy in buying a new notebook, ever since I was at school and had pocket money to buy all the supplies I needed. Now it's very much about WANTING.

I make notes on my phone if something pops in my head (mainly shopping lists) but I like having a good notebook to hand for work planning, blog planning, life planning... I do love a good list!

I'm also known to be a doodler. Nothing particularly impressive - mostly lines, swirls, stars - but if I have a pen in hand, I mean to use it.

I've loved seeing the adult colouring trend come in and so many great books out there. Who says colouring should just be for kids? It's meant to be really therapeutic and whilst I don't know if I would sit down and colour in a full page, I've discovered something that appeals to the stationery geek and novice doodler in me.

Dreamday Pattern Journals.

Part pretty notebook, with lovely creamy pages, part adult colouring book, with intricate patterns to colour in 'til your heart's content.

Published by Laurence King, and priced at £10.94 each, these journals are 100 pages long, have uncoated ivory paper (love) and combine plain pages for practical note making with pages of pattern outlines so you can doodle and colour away.

I have two of the new pattern designs - Kyoto and Marrakech - and love them both. The covers are really attractive, the paper is good quality and feels nice to write on and I like the way the patterns are interspersed throughout.

The pattern outlines are quite intricate and small in places making it really good if you like details and enjoy colouring inside the lines.

I think Dreamday Pattern Journals would make great gifts for friends or fellow stationery fans. There's six designs currently available to choose from, including the pink Japanese inspired one that I've been using first:

Which design would you choose to doodle in?

* Note: I was kindly sent two journals for the purposes of this review, but my enthusiasm is genuine.


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  1. Those are both so lovely - I love the patterns.


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