Thursday 23 June 2016

The three bears

For a while now, Ethan has given me the nickname Mummy Bear, with hubs naturally as Daddy Bear and Ethan of course as Baby Bear. I think it first came about because he'd been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears at preschool and the names have really stuck.

We're a merry little bunch.

Daddy has his chair. Mummy has hers. Ethan has his own table and chair too.

We've had some really good quality time together recently and hubs and I are really enjoying the just-turned-three stage. He's got such a personality and the things he comes out with - honestly, I wish I could remember them all to write them down, but there's just so many funny comments he makes or stories he recites.

We're in a really good place at the moment, us three bears.

He may have his moments - ridiculous breakdowns over tiny things that are resolved as quickly as they start, negotiating how long he can stay up for or how many biscuits he can have - but Ethan is just the best company.

We all love our cuddles.

Ethan is incredibly affectionate lately. He's always been close to us but he's constantly telling us that he loves us at the moment, "with all my heart" and "so so much", and he's very generous with cuddles and kisses. We give each other 'squishes' (one of our nicknames for him is squishy) and we are all very happy in each other's company.

He's at such an age now that we can really do things together; it's not just about us all doing separate things. He's bigger, more active and understands so much that we can leave the house, get the shopping in, go out for the day and Ethan looks after himself, helps us out and involves us in what he's doing.

We're joining a local health club at the end of the week and this has very much been a family decision, for us all to do more and be healthier and happier all round. I'll share more once we are fully signed up.

I went with the three bears theme for Father's Day, choosing a card, a print (as pictured at the top) and a cushion for Daddy Bear's chair.

We've got a couple of weekends with friends coming up now, for hen and stag parties, so the three bears will be the two bears for a few days, but that's ok. We're the three bears and nothing will change that.



  1. I bought the same print for my partner earlier this year, but ours had a baby bear in as well. It's lovely.
    Ethan sounds really sweet

    1. It's really lovely, isn't it? I've been using it everywhere :)


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