Tuesday 26 July 2016

Considering underfloor heating - quick survey

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A house becomes a home when you start to personalise your space and get to add all those finishing touches that will make it feel warm and inviting. It can take a long time to create, but whether you're in the middle of a big build project or you've grown to love your home as it is, you're sure to have a special feeling when you walk in the door.

A warm welcome.

Our house is by no means perfect, but I love it just the same. There's a lot we would still do to it and we have a running list that we keep in the back of our minds for when we may have some spare money and fancy tackling one of the items listed.

A decked patio. A new kitchen. Rip out the whole bathroom, from top to bottom - and opt for something like underfloor heating.

I'd really like to do away with carpets altogether, to be honest; they're cosy underfoot, sure, but they can get dirty so quickly and if we had underfloor heating, we'd be able to walk around without slippers on anyway.

I didn't realise until recently that underfloor heating can be retro-fitted in many cases, so it doesn't have to be installed at the beginning of your refurbishment.

It's something that quite a few people have heard of but perhaps don't know a lot about. It's certainly got a touch of luxury about it - I always think of spas and posh hotels - but underfloor heating is a practical heating option.

Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies got in touch with me as they're looking to find out what people understand about this type of installation - if you'd like to share your thoughts, or want to test your knowledge, visit their online survey; it only takes a minute to complete and you could learn something too...


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