Saturday 2 July 2016

The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham's fintastic 20th birthday bash!

Did you know that this coming Tuesday, 5th July, is an iconic day for The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham?

Well, you do now! 

It's celebrating its 20th anniversary and as one of their blogger ambassadors this year, I wanted to let you in on the celebrations. 

You know how much we love the centre and if you're around on Tuesday, we highly recommend a visit as to mark its anniversary, the attraction is giving the first 100 people who visit the special 1996 entry price of £5.95 with a limited edition golden anniversary pop badge. And, should you share the same birthday as The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham of 5th July 1996, you can visit for free!

The fish will be treated to some birthday cake and photo boards highlighting memories from across the years will be on display.  

Now is a great time to visit too as there's two brand new attractions opening - as of today!

Being my birthday, we're otherwise engaged, but we will be popping along again soon to check out the new 360 degree ocean tunnel; a completely transparent tunnel that gives you an even clearer view of the underwater world, plus Clownfish Kingdom (set to be a big hit with our very own Finding Nemo fan), which features an array of interactive tanks so you can get close to some incredible underwater species like Clownfish and Blue Tangs (Dori, to you and I).

We'd also like to check out one of the Behind the Scenes Tours (a new package you can add to your visit for an additional £3.50 per person) so you can find out more about the centre and the care of all the creatures that live there.

For further information on any of the above, visit the website.

Take a look at a couple of my past visits to The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham:


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  1. That penguin is so cute. And forget just families, my boyfriend (aged 26) is dying to go!


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