Friday 12 August 2016

Be good to you - Begu tea review

Earlier this week, I wrote about trying to find time for 'me' time, and there's one thing that has well and truly become part of my routine, as a daily treat or a pick me up - Begu tea.

I've always enjoyed a cup of T and have tried various flavoured teas, but I'm often disappointed by the lack of taste. Fruit teas often smell better than they taste but with Begu, I've been onto a winner.

The Chinese see tea as an art form, and the act of making tea has a great deal of ceremony and occasion around it. Aside from my essential cup of English Breakfast first thing when I wake up, I've been trying the Begu tea blends as an alternative to coffee (I was having way too much, too often) and to give me something sweet to enjoy (to stop me snacking so much).

Begu is actually a holistic lifestyle brand and I really like the whole ethos. I'm trying to focus more on wellbeing and have found that drinking specialist tea is a treat but also fits in to a more mindful lifestyle.

There's six different blends, recently launched, and each of them are tailored to suit specific health or lifestyle requirements - and I've been fortunate enough to try them all, over the past few weeks (and with a few bags still left, otherwise that would have been a lot of cuppas!).

Here are the different blends you can choose from - and the benefits Begu advises they have:

Morning Buzz (28s) - Packed with stimulants for the body and mind. Designed to help with picking the right food choices at the beginning of your day.  RRP £19.99

Nightea Night (28s) - Caffeine free and blended to promote sleep, assisting night time body repair and protecting against bad food choices through tiredness. RRP £19.99

System Cleanse (14s) - Naturally purifying and detoxing, it contains a mild laxative to help your digestive system do what it does naturally.  RRP £10.99 Note, you only need to have one cup of this every other evening after your main meal, so the effect is gentle on you.

Calm (28s) - Blended to bring inner calm when you need it most and to help you resist the impulse to binge or snack. RRP £24.99

Appetite (28s) - Full of herbal fillers and appetite suppressants to keep you satisfied until the next meal time.  RRP £24.99

Crave (28s) - Sweet and satisfying to help kill those cravings. It’s a treat in a cup! RRP £24.99

Hubs and I have both enjoyed the Morning Buzz and NighteaNight blends over consecutive days and Calm is definitely my favourite option; I love camomile and all the ingredients in this are really soothing and help me to unwind. Crave and Appetite are both nice options too - the latter being my particular favourite.

My tip for a really good tea is to boil fresh water and to allow each bag to brew for three to four minutes, to make sure you get maximum flavour for your drink. A couple of the Begu teas have stronger ingredients, such as ginger or liquorice, so these tend to come through well anyway, but the sweeter teas need a little time to infuse. 

I haven't tried the System Cleanse myself as of yet but will do soon, as I get back into a regular routine (still winding down from the two weddings and our week off, we've been so tired, so need to get things back on track).

I love a cup of the Calm tea at the end of the day, particularly if I've just come in from a yoga class and / or a steam at the gym, so I am feeling super relaxed and want to keep the chilled feeling a bit longer.

A cup of Begu, preferably in one of my Scion Mr Fox mugs, a scented candle and some time on the sofa. Bliss.

I've enjoyed trying the Begu natural tea range and it's actually made me make time for myself and to stop for a moment, and enjoy the here and now. Quite a big claim for a cup of tea, but it has given me a good excuse.

If you're a totally potty for tea, or you want to add something to your healthy lifestyle regime, I'd recommend trying this range. The teas taste great, I love the packaging, the support and ideas on the website are great and although the price per pouch is quite a lot more than a humble cup of Tetleys, these are a real treat - and one you can enjoy each day, carefree. If you like tea, why not indulge?

* I was sent the Begu tea range for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own.


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  1. Sounds like I need Morning Buzz - I hate getting up in the mornings and it takes so long for my body to kick in.


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