Thursday 4 August 2016

Sound asleep

I've been told I'm a snorer. And a sleep talker. I don't doubt it, as I can get in a really deep sleep quite quickly and have on occasion woken myself up with a slight snore. I believe it's usually worse when I am super tired, have had something to drink or when I'm sleeping in a new environment.

When the Good Night Stop Snoring Ring team asked if I wanted to try their snoring aid out, I thought it was worth an experiment to save my husband, who has disrupted sleep, any more missed zzz's and also my friends too when I stay with them. We recently went on a hen do to Benidorm and my dear best friend oh so kindly decided to record me snoring and send it to everyone else we were away with.

A wake up call for sure!

The Good Night Stop Snoring Ring is a ring you slip onto your little finger. It has two different bumps on the inside that push on different acupressure points and this is how it works its magic. You pop it on at least half an hour before bed and you should see an improvement within seven days of consistent use; although the advice is to try a ring on each little finger should your snoring be particularly bad or minimal results are seen.

I was keen to try the ring out and see if something so simple could really make a difference.

Of course, I'm fast asleep so I'm not really the best person to ask about how the ring may have helped with my snoring. 

From my point of view, the ring is easy to wear (I leave it on my bedside table so I remember to slip it on), comfortable (I hardly notice I'm wearing it) and simple to add to your night time routine. The only think I would say is make sure you wash your finger well the next morning, as it does start to leave a green mark, but this is easy to clean off.

It's certainly worth trying out, particularly if you or your partner can get a bit loud at night time when in the land of nod. 

And judging by my husband's comments, it really can make a difference...

I'll leave it to Ste to tell you exactly how the ring has helped:

Having lived with Kelly for eleven years, it's rare that her snoring actually bothers me anymore. Whilst I'd love to say her snoring is nothing more than a gentle susurration, when she's in deep sleep mode she snores so loudly that I can often hear it downstairs whilst watching TV. 

Having said that, I have come to appreciate it as the years have gone on and it is only occasionally that I will need to give her a quick jab in the ribs or kick to the shin to startle her enough to stop the cacophony of grunts, snorts and wheezes, if only briefly. I imagine it must be similar to what those living on busy roads or next to a motorway experience; that eventually even the most irritating noises become almost comforting and their sudden absence, such as when Kelly goes to visit her parents, disturbs sleep more than it aids it. 

People who visit the country often comment on how quiet it is at night and how that makes it difficult to drop off at first without all the background hubbub living in a city provides, and so it is with a partner who snores. So it was with a raised eyebrow and incredulous smirk that I listened as Kelly told me about this ring that supposedly curbs snoring. 

After a couple of weeks use, following the guided usage, I can say I have noticed a pretty significant difference. The house doesn't reverberate quite so much, I don't have to raise the volume on the TV late at night to cover the rumble from upstairs quite as much and Kelly seems to be sleeping better than ever. 

But without the constant, reassuring noise I've become so used to, my sleep hasn't been as deep or peaceful as I'd have liked. The moral of this tale is simple: be careful what you wish for.


I was in two-minds whether to share Ste's comments - cheeky so-and-so - but actually, however tongue-in-cheek it is, the feedback on the ring is very positive indeed so I didn't edit it at all.

As I say, it's easy to try out and I like many others have found it to be a positive snoring solution, that's made me sleep a little sounder - and quieter too!

The Good Night Stop Snoring Ring comes in three sizes, is priced at £29.99 and can be bought online, plus there's a 30 day money back guarantee so there's no reason not to try it out. 

I've been given a special discount code to share with my readers... If you would like to try the Good Night Stop Snoring Ring, just enter the code tobecomemum at the checkout to receive £7 off your order. A good night for everyone!

* I received a ring to try out for the purposes of this review, and all thoughts are my own after several weeks of using it - I like to be thorough!

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