Tuesday 6 September 2016

All about oil - my top beauty tip

There's always some beauty trend or another proving popular and being a bit of a beauty addict / hoarder / try anything type of person, I usually give them a go. How long I stick at them or whether they become a part of my regular routine, well that varies.

But one trend that is becoming increasingly widespread that I am a big believer in, and will continue to be, is oils.

Facial oil is rich in nutrients and can do wonders for your skin - and from my experience, it's a lovely part to add to your routine and it really makes a difference. A difference you can feel and one I think you can see too.

I also love oils to nourish my hair; Morrocan Oil is one that I was seriously impressed with on my last visit to the salon and have brought home to me, and coconut oil is another that I think is a real treat, for your hair and scalp as well as skin.

As such, when I was asked if I would like to try a sample of Lorena Öberg Skincare Miracle Oil, I snapped up the offer.

I've shared my struggles with psoriasis on here and have found that natural oils can make a real difference, so for this and for beauty purposes, I've been using the sample to give my skin a treat over this past month.

This Miracle Oil was apparently developed as an aftercare product for Lorena's DermaEraze treatment - a bespoke treatment to remove skin imperfections such as scars and stretchmarks - and since then, as people have found the natural properties of the oil to have such a good effect, it's used as a general skin conditioner as well as a healing oil.

So, what's in it? This oil is a blend of avocado oil (and we all now how amazing they are), almond oil (also super nourishing) and olive oil (which I used during baby massage with Ethan, and this is the one oil that you particular notice in this product).

Because of the pure oil blend, you can use this to treat dry skin, bumps or marks, burns or anything else where you skin needs a helping hand.

I have been using it as part of my night time routine, kept on my bedside table. I put a few drops into my hand to warm up then smooth it over my arms and elbows and then my legs, which is my most affected area of psoriasis. I've found it to be gentle and it doesn't irritate at all and despite being an oil, it absorbs quickly. It also gives a natural glow to your skin.

Personally, I use this on my body rather than my face, and it does help to instantly make a difference to dry areas of skin. As you can see above, I've started getting psoriasis in patches on my hands. It looks different on different areas of my body, as your skin has a different quality, and on my hands it just means they feel dry and tight sometimes.

The Miracle Oil has been helping, as even when I am smoothing it on my arms, my hands are getting a nice treat too.

I'd recommend checking it out if you want a natural, nourishing solution. It costs from £15 for 50ml and trust me, a little goes a long way.


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