Friday 2 September 2016

Wedding Fashion Tips for Pregnant Brides and Bridesmaids

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Later this month, hubs and I will have been married for six years. Six! Time flies but when I actually think of it, a lot has happened in that time. It's been four years, to the day, since we found out we were going to be parents so that adventure has brought so much.

We have been very lucky in the way things worked out for us - move in together, buy a house, get married, start a family - and two sets of friends have also just got hitched this past month, so it's had me reflecting on weddings and how special they are.

We loved our wedding day and we'd do it all over again, for sure, so in that spirit, I have a post to share with you today about wedding fashion tips for pregnant brides and bridesmaids, in case you're looking for some inspiration...

Whether you’re the bride-to-be and you’re pregnant, or someone in your bridal party is pregnant, there are several fashion tips that you can follow in order to look your very best and be super confident on your big day. Continue reading to learn more about finding the best dress for a pregnant bride or bridesmaid.

Choose the Right Silhouette

There are so many different silhouettes to choose from when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress. But when you’re pregnant, you’ll need to decide whether you want to really show off your baby bump or cover up comfortably, and that will dictate what silhouette you should go with. 

For example, if you wish to hide your little bump, you could opt for a straplessempire waist gown that has a tulle or lace overlay. If you want to show off your bump, choose a gown made of English netting, lace, and silk, as these will provide elasticity. 

The style of dress that you go with will also be determined by the type of wedding that you’re hosting,too, and where it will be hosted as well. Be sure to check UK WeddingSavings to find great deals on every aspect of your wedding so you can save money.

Size Up

When you are pregnant and shopping for a bridal gown or a bridesmaid dress, it is always a good idea to choose a larger size than what you can currently wear. This is because it typically takes anywhere from four to six months for your dress to be ready for pickup after you have placed your order. Your belly will grow quite a bit in that time, so to make sure you can get the right fit, you should get a bigger size than what you need. A good way to do this is by adding one inch to every measurement for every month that still remains in your pregnancy from now to the big day. Do the math, check where you land on the sizing chart, and then order one size bigger than what you need so the dress can be tailored later on.

Take Advantage of Extra Corsets and Panels

If, on your final day of fitting for your gown, you realise that the dress is too tight for comfort, you can add corsets and panels if you ordered extra fabric that is identical to the gown. A professional seamstress will be able to add a panel within the closure of the dress instead of a zipper or buttons and then secure it with a corset. So if you find at the last minute that your dress does not fit according to plan, taking this precautionary step will save you loads of stress and worry.

By following the helpful fashion tips above, you can find the most beautiful gown for your wedding day as a bride or for your friend’s wedding if you’re a bridesmaid, whether you want to show off or conceal your baby bump, and regardless of how far along you are in your pregnancy.

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post with a third party. All content has been reviewed by myself.

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