Thursday 6 October 2016

Canvas decor

* Collaborative post

It's no secret that I am a big fan of photos. It's also pretty clear from my blog posts and my Instagram feed that I love everything to do with the home too (btw, I have a new interiors dedicated Instagram account if you also like decor ideas and snaps).

I have always been a photo taker and nowadays, it's easier than ever to capture a moment to look upon again and again. I chose my phone for the quality of the photos it takes and it's never far from reach. It's so convenient and means that at any time, I can take a snap of a moment I want to remember. I also have my DSLR too, which gets used on special occasions or trips where I can have a spare pair of hands.

It's almost too easy to point and click. We can try again if we don't get the photo we wanted and sometimes, it's easy to get caught up in the 'capturing' of a moment rather than the 'living' of it.

And sometimes, those photos stay within our phones, our cameras. Trapped. Unseen and undocumented.

I am always being reminded to upload my photos to the Cloud and my husband is very good at backing up my photos so nothing gets lost. I take so many photos - probably too many - that I don't always know what to do with them!

Of course, it's really different now. I still remember the excitement of taking a film into the photographer's to develop. Having just 24 photos on a roll to take. Having to be sure before we clicked away. Sometimes taking a final selfie, before they were even called that, or a snap of the cat to use the last of the roll up so you could finally get the film processed. Waiting a few days, sometimes a week, to collect your photos and flicking through to discover some were out of focus, too dark or had a finger over the lens.

The good ol' days, eh?

It's so much easier to take great photos every day now, with minimum effort and skill required.

But, how often do we translate these sometimes fleeting memories into something more permanent?

I've always had a thing for photo albums and scrapbooks, something that's been passed on to me by my Mum who kept many an album and my Grandad who was meticulous at documenting every milestone and every holiday he went on.

I also have many a photo displayed around our home, in frames and on canvas prints too. It's important for me for my home to feel like OUR home; I want people to see snapshots of our lives when they visit and I want to be reminded of key moments.

We have a few personalised canvas prints, as do our friends and family. For us, we chose two wedding photos that captured us and the day perfectly; and a photo of Ethan when he was just one year old that we love as it shows off his cheeky side and reminds us of all the milestones since. To commit to canvas, it has to be a really important photo to us and I am sure that over the years, we will add to this as we collect and document more chapters of our lives.

Picture taking, memory making.

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