Tuesday 4 October 2016

To become... Style: my Disney X Cath Kidston Winnie the Pooh Dress

When I first heard that Cath Kidston would be introducing new designs in collaboration with Disney, I actually squealed. Two of my favourite things, coming together? A match made in my own dreams, for sure.

It's a decision that seemed to divide Cath fans. Some reacted in horror at the thought and granted, I can't see any fashionistas jumping with joy at the collaboration.

But for me, Cath is at her best when she's having fun, playing with quirky ideas and putting a whole new spin on modern vintage.

I love a print that packs a punch and has personality - it helps me show off mine.

So when the Winnie the Pooh collection dropped the weekend before last, I poured eagerly over the items and watched them go out of stock in a matter of days.

There was one item I personally had on my list - the button spot dress.

And by golly, I got it.

It's bright, it's playful and to some I may look like a children's TV presenter but to me, it's a stunning dress in a CK trademark flattering fit and I think I look pretty cool. Ethan agrees with me too.

Paired with Converse or heels, this is a dress I'll wear, to the hundred acre wood or for an evening out.

I just can't wait until the Mickey and Minnie Mouse collection is unveiled on 5th December...


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