Monday 21 November 2016 lights, camera, selfie!

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Getting ready at home can be a challenge when you're a working mum. Using the bathroom is rarely a solo experience and having the time to take your time when applying make up is tough if you have a toddler rummaging through your box of lotions and potions.

To try and make my morning routine that much easier, I have my main toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel, facial wash, hairbrushes etc in the bathroom and then all my other bits, from moisturiser to make up and perfume, on my dressing table. Everything is close to hand for when I need it and I have a routine that I follow that works for me.

Cup of tea.
Bathroom - shower / wash hair, teeth, face.
Bedroom - skincare, make up, style hair.

Wake the toddler.

If the toddler awakes before any of the above, my iPad is a useful distraction...

Having a place for everything makes it all so much easier and I can go about getting ready. But the main factor that makes a difference is lighting.

The Monroe mirror

Good lighting. Good visibility.

If I can focus on what I'm doing, I'm that much quicker and I've found ways to make my routine easier by applying task lighting rules around my home.

This means I've thought about where I get ready and what I do when I'm there, and made sure I have the appropriate type of lighting and a good mirror at that point. There's no point hanging a mirror in an area where your face will be cast in shadow and you need to be able to see your face, your head or your body at different stages when you're getting ready - but not always all at the same time.

I have a large mirror in the bathroom, to reflect light and so I have a good view, plus a pull out mirror on an extending arm so when I'm at the sink, I can see my face up close if needed.

In the bedroom, I have a dressing table and whilst it does have a large mirror, giving me a waist-height upwards view of myself, I also have an illuminated mirror that had one normal mirror then turns for a magnified view. I position this so I can see what I am doing when applying my make up and doing fiddly things like my eyeliner, whilst having the bigger view from the other mirror to check on.

The soft and directed lighting makes make up much easier, as I can see my face in detail and make sure that my foundation is blended, plus the light is far more flattering than using a big overhead light alone.

I can't recommend task lighting, such as the light up mirrors from Pebble Grey, enough; they work to make you feel super glam, give you the best possible view of you when you're getting ready in the morning for work or in the evening for a night out and they add something to your decor too.

You could even go the whole way and turn your bedroom into a dressing room fit for a movie star.

There's no doubt you'd be ready for your close up, or selfie, with one of these beauties at home!


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