Monday 28 November 2016

...crafts: make a jam jar snow globe

I've always loved snow globes and wanted to buy one for Ethan for his first Christmas. They're so beautiful to look at and I think they literally encapsulate the magic of the season - the scene in The Santa Clause when Tim Allen gives his son a snow globe so he can always see where his dad is gets me every time.

I love the beautiful designs you can get from Disney and I'm sure that we'll buy one of these in the future, but I decided after reading Kirstie's Christmas Crafts that I wanted to make one for my boy myself. Every year now, this had pride of place on our dresser.

You will need:
Glass jar - you want one that's just the right size for the figurines you're using, and jam jars or even pickle jars are ideal and cheaper than buying from a craft supplier

Figurines - look for resin or plastic figures, I bought my Raymond Briggs Santa from The Craft Company who have a great range of cake toppers that can be used for this project

Water and glycerin or baby oil - to fill the jar with

Glitter - I chose an iridescent white

Glue - either superglue or a glue gun

Ribbon - to tie around the neck of the jar as a nice finishing touch


1. Make sure your glass jar is clean and dry.

2. Take your figurines, arrange them on the lid of the jar until you're happy with how it looks then glue into place.

3. Sprinkle in your chosen glitter into the jar - you don't need as much as you might think you will, not if you want to see your display inside!

4. Fill the jar, nearly all the way to the top, with water and a dash of glycerin or baby oil. Both the glycerin and oil help to make the 'snow' fall slower.

5. Put the lid back on the jar, screwing it on tight. You can put glue around the edge of the lid to securely and permanently fix it in place.

6. Pick up and shake your homemade snow globe with delight!

Let me know if you make one - they would make a lovely gift idea too.


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