Thursday 17 November 2016 get back to nature

Have you been watching the new series, Planet Earth 2, on BBC1? It's another triumph in television and gives such a close up view of the natural world, and moments we would otherwise not be able to witness. From creatures great and small, their journeys and life battles are documented in stunning footage and stories such as the baby iguana trying to escape from snakes hot on its tail have made a huge impact upon people, making the news headlines and popping up on Facebook feeds as it captures the nation's imagination.

It's great to see so many people take such great interest in an educational show like this and I think the wonder of this kind of programme, and the appeal of Sir David Attenborough, is a real draw for anyone with a fascination for the world around them.

When we're young, this interest is so vivid as we learn all the time and it comes naturally to us to ask questions. I believe it's really important to nurture this curiosity and since I was a little girl, I have loved spending time in the great outdoors. I love visiting areas of local interest, seeing vast fields and exploring weathered woods and a lot of our holidays or trips away purposely include this element.

I have a little explorer on my hands and I want him to enjoy discovering new things. Whilst he loves animals such as polar bears and sharks, there's so much around him to capture his interest and in Britain, we really are so lucky to have so many places of natural beauty and so much nature to seek out.

From birds, butterflies and squirrels to other rarer wild animals such as Scottish wildcats, cuckoos and beavers, there's plenty to discover and I love the idea of taking Ethan places where he can see new animals that he has never seen before.

Perhaps it's because I have always had a lot of pets, was always taken to visit nature reserves and my Dad was a keen birdwatcher, but I just love looking for and learning more about the world outside my door.

I came across this really interesting guide to where you can spot rare wildlife across Britain compiled by holidaymakers Haven, and it made me realise how little I know or appreciate about this fair country of ours.

The guide outlines key places to see a wide variety of animals and where you can stay at a nearby holiday park to start your adventures, and is a useful starting point for your next big adventure.


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