Friday 9 December 2016

12 reviews before Christmas: 5) JORD wood watches (& special offer)

I always find that the men in my life are hard to buy for, at Christmas, for birthdays and for special ocassions such as Father's Day, Valentine's Day and anniversaries. They're just tricky customers, right? To mark important milestones, I like to find something unique that will be treasured for years to come - and what better than a really special timepiece, just like JORD wood watches.

I saw these stunning watches first a couple of years ago on social media and have drooled over them ever since. I love the combination of new and old, natural materials and modern styling, and think that they are real conversation pieces too.

When I had the chance to review one, I was spoilt for choice; there's a whole range of different wood types, dial colours and styles available, some specifically for women, some just for men and others that are unisex designs.

I decided to treat one of the most important men in my life, my husband, to a timepiece that is truly special - just like him.

After browsing all the options, I went for the Conway watch design in dark sandalwood and burgundy (priced $229 / £189). I liked the rich wood tone and thought that this watch would be versatile and work with the type of tones and style of clothes Ste wears.

And when the JORD parcel arrived within 10 days of ordering, I was over the moon.

Seeing the JORD watch in the flesh really showcases the quality and detail in the design. Every watch will be slightly different due to the natural variences in the wood and the rich tones of hubs' men's watch are beautiful.

Hubs was blown away from the moment I gave him the exquistite carved wooden case; a beautiful item in its own right.

The watch had the right kind of fit he was looking for and it's been worn with pride ever since, be it with his smart work outfits, including leather gloves and tweed coat, or with his more relaxed attire, such as his cord and sheepskin jacket.

The warm sandalwood tone and bold burgundy watch face colour lend themselves perfectly for this season, complimenting tan shades, rich reds and deep greens.

Here are a few things we love about JORD wood watches:

* Stylish combination of wood and metal that offers a different timepiece concept

* Attention to detail, each watch is unique

* Choice of styles, from smaller faces to striking bold dials, and lots of different colours too

* Comfortable to wear, these watches are very lightweight but still feel substantial on your wrist

* Perfect fit - follow JORD's measurement guide to get the right fit, but be assured if you need any adjustments made, you can do this at any reputable jewellers or watchmakers

This JORD watch really makes a statement and is unlike other timepieces we have seen, so worth the investment when it's something you'll enjoy for a lifetime.

The only downside really is how jealous I am of hubs' cool watch!

If you are rather taken with the women's and men's wood watches from JORD, you can benefit for a special $25 e-gift code to use on the JORD website. This offer just for To Become Mum followers is open until 11.59pm on Christmas Day this year, so visit my JORD exclusive gift card page to enter your details and receive your e-gift cide straightaway. 

All e-gift card vouchers are valid until 28th February 2017, so you could use it to save some money on a Christmas present for a loved one or as a holiday treat for yourself for the New Year.

For more wood watch style inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest board or follow JORD wood watches on Instagram.
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