Wednesday 21 December 2016

Our home at Christmas

I seem to be a big ball of Christmas excitement if my blog is anything to go by - or my Instagram feeds! I do love this time of year but have had to knuckle down and work this weekend and on holiday to get everything done before the end of this coming week so I can well and truly put my feet up and enjoy the break. Even if I am tip-tapping away on my laptop, at least I have our festive home around me to enjoy.

We always put our decorations up on the 1st December if we can and this year, Ethan helped. Or at least, by helped, he kept taking out a new decoration saying "Mummy, mummy! Let's do this one" and then when it came to the tree, he'd 'help' by rearranging the decorations. To be honest though, he was easily distracted and it was actually really nice to have him so excited with each new box that was opened. We had meant to put the decorations up as a surprise for Ethan but it didn't work out that way, and I'm kind of glad.

Every year, I can't resist buying one or three new Christmas bits and pieces for the house but I have tried to pair things back just a little. Only a little, but with a dog, two cats and a hyperactive toddler, the house can go from just so to oh no really quickly.

So this year, we have painted stairs for the first time so I have decorated these to full effect. We have slightly fewer fairy lights doted around the house but they are on the dresser, a window ledge in the lounge and of course, the tree.

Oh, the tree. We rearranged the lounge to make a bit more room for it and it showcases many of our family memories, including baubles with Ethan's handprints on from the past three years.

The house has a twinkle about it and thanks to my Yankee candle advent calendar, a warm glow and festive aroma too.

Ethan is so much more aware of Christmas now and keeps on saying how much he likes the decorations and how excited he is.

So here's a tour of our festive home - and here's to an exciting one week countdown to the big day itself...


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