Monday 19 December 2016

12 reviews before Christmas: 9) Super Yummies

My review today is a super snack range that we found a short while ago called Super Yummies, from Cow and Gate. Ethan first tried out their selection of nibbles when they launched and the kind team sent some of their new products to taste test.

And boy, did he! As soon as I unpacked these treats, Ethan opened up the rice cakes and almost polished them off in one sitting.

The squeezy fruit and yogurt pouches are favourites too in our house and never seem to last long around our toddler...

We think Ethan is going through a real growth spurt at the moment as he's constantly saying he's hungry, even after finishing his lunch or dinner. We're really having to up our snack game to keep up with his appetite and when we were away last week, the mini tomato and basil breadsticks were put to great use and Ethan even gave them a nickname - snack-a-jams! We have no idea why, but it makes us smile and he's tucked into these like nobody's business.

If you've got a little one with a big tummy that's never full, then I'd certainly recommend checking out Super Yummies for some alternative snack attack options.

* Super Yummies is collaborating with Little Life and kindly sent me the products featured in this post. However, there was no obligation to post about them and all opinions are my own.

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