Tuesday 17 January 2017

Planning a bathroom makeover

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If there's one room in the house that needs attention, and has ever since we moved in, it's the bathroom. Despite it being one of the most used rooms in the house by the whole family, we have never got around to making it over and our bathroom does need some TLC to turn it into a space we actually want to spend time in, and soak away the stresses of the day.

I often think about the design possibilities and even though we have a relatively small space to work with, I know we could make the most of what we have if we start by rethinking the layout.

As much as a love a nice bath, the way our bathroom is currently laid out doesn't really make the best use of space. Something like a D-bath, walk-in bath or shower, perhaps even a wetroom, would be a much better solution. With busy family life, showers are our preferred option so we can get in and get out quickly and with some professional advice, from a specialist such as Bathing Solutions, I am sure we could change the layout around and make the room much more functional, and enjoyable to use, if we had a wetroom scheme.

And of course, when you have a wetroom, you just have to go for one of those experiential showers. It's worth finding out if you can have a thermostatic shower as whilst I love how with an electric shower, you have hot water on demand, your design choices tend to be more limited. With thermostatic showers, there's a lot more choice and I know that hubs dreams of a rainfall showerhead, and strong water pressure, whilst if we were able to keep a tub, I'd love a waterfall effect tap.

In our bathroom at the moment, there's a big wooden build-in unit taking up a lot of space (it used to house an old water tank) and so we could either take this away to open up a much larger walk-in shower area, or we could turn it in to stylish storage, so that toiletries are hidden away but still close to hand. Oh, to not have half empty bottles of shampoo, soggy bath toys and towels just hanging around here, there and everywhere!

The other big change we would make would be to replace all the tiles, top to bottom. This would be a big task for us as our whole bathroom is tiled. If we could take it back to basics, I think I'd stick to tiled floors and shower area only, for practical reasons and also to keep an eye on budget. I'd love to create a 'spa at home' feel, so sandstone style tiles like those pictured at the top would be perfect, and I also like the metro tile look, with grey grouting for a modern, contrasting look.

With the bathroom, there's a lot to consider before planning a makeover and it is an investment, so you need to consider how you use the space, what will suit your lifestyle and how to get the most for your budget. It's not something you want to be doing again in a few years so it's good to think about all the details and make sure you get it right. Perhaps one day we will make our minds up and get someone in to help us... I can but dream!

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